Flower lamp

One of the popular developments today is the LED lamp invented by Peruvian scientists from Universidaddeingeniería&Tecnología. The peculiarity of this lamp is that with its help the lighting device can work and charge from the energy of indoor colors. In more detail, then the energy is released by microorganisms located in the Earth. They are able to produce electricity during the processing of organic compounds.

This lamp is called “PlantLamp”. It looks like a pot of wood, in the middle of which there is a metal grid, and the energy received from the operation of bacteria enters it. This network will accumulate electricity and can give lighting for two hours a day.

The developers of the PlantLamp lamp assure that it provides in the house safe and bright lighting, which does not harm the environment. This lamp can be used instead of kerosene, since the latter is used in Peru to this day.

The relevance of the use of energyefficient lamps

Plant Lamp lamps that are charged from the energy of indoor plants are simply necessary in Peru. The fact is that in this country there are massive problems with electrification. Electric networks are regularly damaged due to natural elements: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods. As a result, entire settlements and cities for a long time are left not only without light, but without electricity completely.

So the LED lamp, the development of which scientists from the engineering and technological university worked on the Peruvians will be a salvation that bears light. In addition, such a lighting device refers to the new products of ecotechnologies. The advantages of this lamp:

  • bright lighting;
  • safe use of the device;
  • lack of the need to use sources of electric energy;
  • compact dimensions;
  • effective work;
  • There is enough energy for 2 hours of work per day;
  • Using the lamp does not harm the environment.
  • Using lamps

    The Plant Lamp lamp itself is placed in a wooden box in which indoor plants grow in the ground. There is a special metal network there. It captures the flows of energy that produce microorganisms living in the Earth and processing organic compounds. This grid accumulates and accumulates energy, which then gives light. In the future, such a lamp can be used in the dark for lighting in the house during any work or just to create a comfortable atmosphere in the home. It is only important to plan all your affairs in order to have time to fulfill them in 2 hours.

    Scientists who created Plant LAMP collaborate with various advertising agencies, which allowed to release 10 lamps and provide them with Peru residents. The first batch of lighting devices went to the population of the village of Nuevo Saposoa. Their settlement not so long ago suffered from a strong flood, so they were provided with the lamps as humanitarian assistance.

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