Flying dog photo of the animal, what eats and where the description lives and where

This is an animal that belongs to the screeching detachment. There are several subdits in this detachment: bats, wing. Flying dogs or Nile wings belong to the last. They are capable of echolocation, it helps them find food even in pitch darkness. They usually feed on fruits and insects.

At the moment, the view is almost nothing threatens and in nature it occurs quite often. But more recently, animals suffered from the fact that the cities are growing more rapidly, and therefore they have no place for daytime sleep.

View and man

Throughout the history of mankind, the species caused a person in the majority negative emotions, such as fear, disgust. In the Middle Ages, flying dogs were considered evil spirits that helps sorcerers. All this happened due to the strange appearance of the animals that frightened people. In 1938 it was found that the Nile wings are able to perceive ultrasound and thus can “see” very small objects with the help of ears. This is due to inhabitation in dark caves.

So, thanks to science, the bats ceased to be something frightening and now people calmly start themselves with such pets. It is important that they are easy to tame due to their quick wits. But there are also the shortcomings of such a neighborhood: animals like to fly at night, moreover, they do it very loudly. At this time, they also really want to communicate, they can sleep on their master. They are also not careful in terms of toilet procedures and do it throughout the apartment. So, do not feed them before letting go the metabolism of these screenshots can be envied. It is equally important that animals easily make objects that are not fixed and can bite this cannot be eradicated even by training. They live for about 20 years even in captivity, because before having such a pet, you should think.

In the wild, flying dogs “attack” on plantations of various fruits and pollinate flowers during the flight, increasing the crop. However, in the relationship of the species and man, everything is different. In some countries, these animals are considered a delicacy, therefore they often hunt them. In the 2000s, scientists discovered that Krylans transfer Ebola and other no less dangerous Marburg virus in the Congo.


Flying dogs live in the eastern hemisphere, they prefer tropics. They can be found in many biopes located at sea level and above. Most colonies of these animals live in the Mediterranean, in countries such as Turkey and Pakistan. You can meet the Nile wings in Africa next to the Nile, that is, in Egypt, and even in the territory located in the south and north of Sakhara.


Since flying dogs belong to the steered ones, their aircraft consists of membranes, which are stretched between the limbs. They pass along the hips to the tail of the animals. On the paws of the wings there is a very sharp claw located on the first finger. They use it in order to climb. In general, animals are more than bats. Their body length varies from 13 to 15 cm, and its mass is from 100 to 160 g. The tail of flying dogs is small and in length less than a centimeter. The head is slightly elongated, the eyes are quite large. The shape of the nostrils is tubular, they are separated by a furrow. The ears of the Nile wings are small, they are constantly moving. The color of the animals is predominantly dark, but on the belly lighter. The cover is quite short and soft. Sexual dimorphism is expressed in size: males are larger than females, they have reddish or brown spots on the neck.


Typically, Egyptian flying dogs live in large colonies, where there can be both hundreds and thousands of individuals. They can live in hollows and abandoned buildings. Animals fly quickly and can overcome several tens of kilometers at a time. Sometimes in order to navigate, they use smell. Often migrate due to a decrease in the amount of food, this process is organized well.

After active night pastime, animals return home. They hang upside down and hold on to the walls of their home and fall asleep. Animals sleep together, usually they are closely pressed to each other. However, the Nile wings are not so much sleeping, they take a lot of time to “battles”, during which they scream loudly. When communicating with each other, they also use squeaks and trill.

Flying dogs are also very active in terms of manifestation of sympathy. Usually they scratch each other, hug in a dream or lick. And they also love to take care of themselves, especially with their claws animals bite them.

Eating behavior

Animals eat plant foods, prefer figs, bananas and citrus fruits. They like sweet fruits that are very highcalorie. Often they eat flowers, parts of the underly and cotton tree. They can suck juices from the stems. Typically, Nile wings eat only mature fruits, and just suck the juice from others and then spit out. Animals do not take away food to the cave, the exceptions are females who transmit the food for children.

After eating, flying dogs always purify their woolen cover, elastic membranes by licking. They also cleanse their teeth with their claws both on the front limbs and on the rear. Such procedures are useful, because they save the wings of fleas and ticks.

Propagation and offspring

Females become sexually possible when they reach the age of two. The reproduction season does not last long from the beginning of summer to September. They bear cubs for about 4 months. Only one baby is usually born, although twins can be born. It is important that in the colony all females give birth at the same time. The little Niel Krylan first grabs the hairline of his mother, and then the nipple. At first, the eyes of the cub are closed, the ears are folded.

On the tenth day of life, the eyes open, the ears begin to move. Six weeks, the female carries the baby on herself. Then she already actively flies in search of food, leaving the cub hang hanging in the cave. The return of her mother and voice, which are easily recognizable for offspring, speaks of her mother. His female feeds his female for about two months. After that, the cub quickly learns to fly and begins to eat fruits and leaves. Когда ему исполняется 4 месяца, животное живёт отдельно и может контактировать с самкой только днём.

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