Forest marten photo and description of the animal, what is eaten, habitat, cubs

This is a predatory mammal animal. Belongs to the Kunah family. Forest marten easily moves along the branches of tall trees. The animal is distinguished by speed and cunning, has a beautiful and warm fur. Thanks to the fur, it represents the value.


The forest marten was called that because her favorite habitat is a mixed forest. She prefers oak tree, where there are duplicate trees necessary for her to relax and remove offspring. The marten does not have a permanent residence. She can temporarily sit in any free hollow.

Forest Kunitsa is inherent in mobility and dexterity. She has the ability to move jumping. The jump can reach four meters in length. The animal moves freely, holding on a tree due to tenacious claws. The feet of the marten can turn around almost 180 degrees.

Cubs of forest marten

An adornment of the animal is a fluffy tail. It helps the Kunitsa perform the following functions:

  • stay in equilibrium and vertical position;
  • easy to jump on trees;
  • Easy to land, jumping from the height of the tree;
  • tinker.
  • In the summer season, the marten has naked paws in the area of ​​the soles, and in winter they are covered with wool. This helps her to move easily, on the snow cover, without failing.

    Forest marten has a thin smell, beautiful hearing and good vision. She moves freely at night. Amazes her ability to publish different sound signals: barking, meowing, howl, growl. This cunning and insidious predatory animal ruthlessly bites its prey in the occipital region.

    Appearance and its features

    The forest marten has a strong body having an oblong shape. Its length is 40-58 centimeters. The body is covered with thick fur painted in brown or light brown color. The tail reaches 19-28 centimeters, and the mass lies in the range from 1.5 to 2.3 kilograms. The marten has short, thick paws with five separated fingers, at the ends of which sharp claws.

    The ears have a rounded shape and are directed up. The edges of the ears are bordered by almost a white strip. Small head, nose extended and has a triangular shape. Dark eyes are closer to the bow. At night they glow. In the chest area there is a stained in yellow color. Therefore, the forest marten was given the nickname “Yellow Little Lear”.

    Where it lives

    Forest marten inhabit almost the entire European part. It is found in forests extending from Britain to the western part of Siberia, from the islands of the Mediterranean Sea to the mountain peaks of the Caucasus. These are mainly deciduous or mixed forests. You can see a forest marten in the mountains, but only where the trees grow.

    What eats

    There are some mammals of forests in the forest of forest martens, such as proteins and flights. She eats frogs, and insects, snails, and birds, as well as carrion.

    In the fall, the animal also feeds on nuts, berries, fruits. Forest marten loves mountain ash and blueberries. In August and early autumn, the marten makes food supplies for the winter period. Forest marten eats almost everything that is available on the surrounding area.


    Live, and the forest marten prefers to hunt on tree branches. She is a beautiful scout and jump. With the help of a tail, a forest marten easily climbs up or jumps down from any height. In hollows or in nests of large birds of prey, the marten builds its home. In it she sleeps during the day, and when the twilight occurs or at night it hunts.

    Forest martens are tied to their habitat. They mark the range using the secret released by the anal gland.

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