Foresters a plant of the Red Book | Photos and description

Foresters a rare grassy perennial with delicate small colors. Listed in the Red Book, since it is almost impossible to meet in the wild nature. Most often sprouts in the least affordable places for humans. Presumably the screaming of the forest has such a name due to the fact that gusts of wind are closed by plant flowers. In addition, the people have the name “chicken blindness”. The first flowering of the plant falls on 7-8 years of life. In total, the plant can live up to 12 years, and one flower blooms only for a few weeks.


The plant sprouts in Eurasia, France, Central Asia and China. Widespread in the steppes to the tundra. Likes to sprout in the thickets of shrubs, in dry meadows and glades.

The stem and leaves of the forest windbreaker are covered with small hairs, they shimmer in the sun and give the plant their charm and tenderness. At the base of the stem is several branched leaves. Perennial flowers are quite large have bright white color and short yellow stamens inside the flower. Leaflets of the flowers are rounded and from the lower part have partially purple color.

The benefits of plants for nature

Forest armor is a good honey plant. A single flower on a large amount of stamens has a large amount of pollen, this contributes to the population population. During the short flowering period, the plant provides many bees with an important nectar for processing the product into honey.

Therapeutic properties

Foresters have a number of therapeutic properties:

  • Antiinflammatory;
  • analgesic;
  • diuretic;
  • diaphoretic;
  • antiseptic.
  • In folk medicine, it is used for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, visual impairment and hearing. It is used in the treatment of menstrual cycle failures, also for painful menstruation. Helps men in the treatment of impotence, also effectively eliminates headaches, toothache and migraines.

    Foresters a plant of the Red Book | Photos and description

    For home treatment, the ground part of the plant is used. Grass is collected during flowering. The dried grass is used, for this it must be placed on a wellventilated area without direct sunlight. For independent treatment of a forest windman, a doctor’s consultation is necessary, since the use of the plant has a number of contraindications. The substances that make up the plant are poisonous, therefore it is forbidden to use windbreak to people with heart disease, with increased pressure, as well as in vascular diseases. It is forbidden to use the plant to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

    Home cultivation

    Outhenica Forest favorite of many gardeners. The plant begins to bloom early and can annually delight the eye for 7-10 years. The plant is resistant to insect pests and not picky to weather conditions. Artificially bred plant blooms for 2-3 years of life. The plant loves darkened areas and does not tolerate open sunlight. In watering, the plant is quite moderate, the soil on which the flower will grow, it is necessary to provide drainage, as well as a significant amount of sand.

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