Fox Fenec a deserted animal | Photo, description, interesting facts where it lives, a report

Fenec a small, unusual appearance of a fox. Scientists argue to what kind to be the Fenc, since there are significant differences from foxes these are thirtytwo pairs of chromosomes, and physiology, and social behavior. That is why in some sources you can see that Feneca is attributed to a separate Fenekus family (Fennecus). Fenece got its name from the word “fanak” (fanak), which means a fox in Arabic.

Feneck the most miniature representative among a dog family. An adult fenec weighs up to one and a half kilograms, and it is slightly smaller than the cat’s cat. There is only 22-a centimeters on the Fenek’s withers, and up to 40-a.m., while the tail is quite long-up to 30 centimeters. Pointed short muzzle, big black eyes and very large ears (they are rightfully considered the largest among all representatives of a predatory detachment in relation to the size of the head). Fenec ears grow 15 centimeters. Such large ears among the fenecs are not random. In addition to hunting, the ears of Feneck participate in thermoregulation (cooling) in hot daytime. Fenec pillows are pubescent so that the animal can calmly move along the redhot sands of the desert. The fur is quite thick and very soft. The color of an adult is: on top of a decay, and below a white and fluffy tail with a black brush on the tip. The color of young individuals differs: it is almost white.


In the nature of the fox of Feneca found on the African continent in the central part of the sugar desert. Fenec also meets from the northern part of the Kingdom of Morocco to the deserts of the Arabian and Sinai Peninsula. And the southern habitat of Fenek stretches to the child, Niger, Sudan.

What eats

Feneck predator, but despite this, he can eat everything, t.e. omnivorous. The main diet of sandy foxes is rodents, birds. Fenek also often ruins bird nests eating eggs and already hatched chicks. Sand foxes are hunting, as a rule, leaving alone. Fenec carefully hides all excesses in hiding places, the whereabouts of which they remember very well.

Also insects include insects, especially the locust.

Since fenecs are omnivorous animals, all different fruits, plants of plants, as well as roots are included in the diet. Plant foods are almost completely satisfied.

Natural enemies of Feneca

Fenecs are quite nimble animals and in the wild he has practically no natural enemies. Given that the habitat of the feneck intersects with the range of striped hyenas and jackals, as well as sandy foxes, they can pose an indirect threat.

However, in spite of the fence and speed in the wild, Fenk is still attacked by the eagle owl. During the hunt, since the eagle owl flies silently, he can grab the cub next to Nora, despite the fact that parents can be very close.

Another enemy of Feneca is parasites. Perhaps wild fenecs are sensitive to the same parasites as domestic animals, but there were no studies in this study in this area.

Interesting Facts

  1. Fenecs have fully adapted to live in the desert. So, for example, they are completely calm without water (constant fresh reservoirs). All moisture fenecs are obtained from fruits, berries, leaves, roots, eggs. Also condensate forms in their vast burrows, and they lick it.
  2. Like most animals of desert fox, Feneca is active at night. Thick fur protects the fox from the cold (the fenec begins to freeze already at a plus of 20 degrees), and large ears help in hunting. But Feneca also love to bask in the daytime sun.
  3. During the hunt, the fenecs can jump 70 centimeters up and almost 1.5 meters forward.
  4. Feneca is a very social animal. They live in small flocks of 10 individuals, as a rule this is one family. And they love to communicate very much.
  5. Like many representatives of the animal world, Fenecas are devoted to one partner all their lives.
  6. About 10 years live in the wild, and long-livers are found in captivity whose age reaches 14 years.

Fenec against the snake

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