Freshwater river fish photos and names, species of river fish with a description

Freshpower fish are called fish that all their lives, or its significant part live in freshwater reservoirs, for example, in rivers, lakes, or reservoirs. Pisces that regularly live in rivers and lakes are also called residential. Naturally, life in such an environment is very different from marine conditions. The most significant difference is the level of salinity.


Sudak is widespread in fresh reservoirs located in Eastern Europe and Asia, it can also be found in the rivers of basins of the Baltic, Black, Azov and other seas. This fish has large sizes, there are individuals reaching lengths of more than a meter, most likely there are copies of larger sizes.


Bersch and Sudak are one species, so they are often confused with each other. However, this fish has its own characteristics of the structure of the body. This fish belongs to the Okonev family, can reach a length of up to half a meter and weight of 1.2 kilograms. Like an perch, this fish is considered freshwater. She has the same color as zander, but his stripes are more expressive.


This is a type of radiant fish belonging to the genus of freshwater perches and a family of perch. River perch is very widespread in fresh reservoirs. This is a predatory fish that eats other freshwater fish, also river perch most often lives in plain reservoirs, it can be seen in rivers, lakes, reservoir, or even in the seas.

Peacock perch

Peacock perch is the largest of absolutely the entire family that lives in South America, in the Amazon and Orinoko. Also, this fish is sometimes called spotted perch. He can have different colors, on the gill wings there are small black spots, on the sides you can see three parallel strips, which become shorter near the tail fin.


She also has names such as a vampire fish, a fish-dog and others. These fish live in the fresh waters of South America, they can be found from Orinoko to Paraguay. Outwardly, this fish can be easily recognized, her body is oblong in shape, a little narrow, narrowed to the end. A distinctive feature is teeth and a very wide mouth. Two long fangs are located on the lower jaw, the length of which can reach 12 m.


Pelads are commercial, in addition, it is called cheese. It is successfully bred by fish farms, it is not demanding on the quality of water. This is a fairly large fish that can reach 3 kg and length up to half a meter. The largest individuals reach a weight of 5 kg. This fish has a tall body, which is slightly flattened from the sides. Scales are quite small and tightly adjacent to the body.


Peskar is a representative. It is very common in Europe, except for the northern as well as the southern parts. Body length reaches 22 cm, but fish more than 15 cm can be found quite rarely. The body from above has a greenish-brown-shaped color, it is silver on the sides, it is located bluish or black-handed spots on it.


Ordinary piranha is a type of predatory radiant fish belonging to the piranha family, or according to outdated classification, belong to the subfamily of the piranhas and the Kharaitsinov family. Piranha is the most famous of all types, it has a reputation as a freshwater predator, which is quite dangerous for animals.


Omul is a commercial fish belonging to the genus of sygu and the family of salmon. The length of this fish can reach 64 cm, and the weight can reach 3 kg. Omul is a passing fish, it is walking in the coastal parts of the Arctic Ocean, and for spawning it comes to the rivers of Eurasia, Alaska, as well as Canada.


The body length of the sturgeon can reach 6 m, and the mass can reach 716 kg. These are large fish that relate to the northern moderate belt. Some of these fish can reach very large sizes. These are passing fish, which in the spring from the seas enter rivers for spawning. Some species are freshwater, they live in rivers.


These are freshwater fish related to the Karpov family. In nature, there are three types of Ottomans, they live in mountainous, as well as foothill reservoirs located in Central and Central Asia. In the CIS you can find two types. The body length of this fish can reach 50 cm, and weight 1 kg. This fish eats vegetation and invertebrates, spawning occurs in spring-summer.

The herring is river

Two, very similar fish, belonging to the herring family, are known under this name, they are passing fish. These fish live in black, as well as in the Caspian seas, for spawning they go to fresh places. However, on the way back, those individuals that were weakened, die in huge quantities, and do not get to their home.

Other river fish


This is a kind of commercial radiant fish, which belong to the family of salmon. They are especially common in rivers, as well as lakes of Europe, North Asia and America. Some species can migrate from fresh water, as well as come back. Recently, many species of these fish have been listed in the Red Book.


They have a high body, very pressed from the sides, the greatest height of the body fits four times its length. The snout of these fish is pointed, the mouth of the scythe, goes upward. The spinal fin is short, but at the same time high. The back has a dark brown or gray color, and the sides are golden-brown, yellowish belly, pectoral fins are also yellowish.

Caus Amur

This is the freshwater species of fish, which at the same time do not avoid brackish waters. They can reach a length of 1 m, as well as weights about 8 kg. These fish have a large, wide head, a body that becomes thinner to the tail, as well as a small tail fin. The body has a dark green color, and the abdominal side is light. The dorsal fin is short.


This is a fish related to the family of Taimen and the salmon family. This is the largest representative of the entire salmon family, can reach a length of about 2 m, as well as weights about 80 kg. These fish live in fresh water, and never leave the sea. Widespread in Eurasia in a very wide territory.


This is a freshwater fish belonging to the genus of Sigs. It can be found in rivers that fall into the northern Arctic Ocean. Her body is not very high, as well as rounded in cross section. Length can reach 20 cm, and weight 90 g. The cycle of life of these fish is quite short, most of the fish ripen in the second year, and they live up to six years.

Chinese perch

These fish have the back of yellow, green, or brown, it has a large number of uneven black spots, as well as drooping. These fish have a large mouth and rounded scales with small sizes. These fish hunt fry in those places where a quick current is combined with a factory.


This is a type of fish belonging to the Karpov family, the body of the fish is compressed from the sides, extended in length more than extended in length. The color of these fish is silver-gray, gray-colored fins, they have dark edges. This fish lives only up to eight years, the body length reaches 46 cm, as well as a mass that can reach one and a half kilograms.

Brightened perch

This fish is one of the species that belong to the genus of black perches. The body of a larger perch has an olive-green color, with dark, sometimes black spots, thanks to which a gear horizontal strip is formed on the sides of the body. Representatives of this species are the largest among all black perches.


In general, in the reservoirs of Eurasia you can find three species of these fish. The most characteristic representative of this kind is the larger buffalo. Outwardly, these fish strongly resemble large crucian carp, or a carp. The difference can only be seen if this fish is very careful.


Also, this fish is called ordinary top or oatmeal, these are representatives of the family of radiant fish, which belong to the Karpov family, this is the only representative. Body length can reach 9 cm, but most often the fish length of the body is 6 cm. The body is moderately long, pressed from the sides. It can live this fish up to five years, it becomes overdue at two years old.


An ordinary top is called the type of radiant fish belonging to the carp family. These fish can be found in the waters of China to the Amur River. It can also be found on the island of Taiwan, this fish in the Ussuri River is very common. This fish prefers to be in the water column. This is a predatory fish that eats young individuals crucian and chebak.


This is a type of radiant fish that belong to the family of carp. Fish data in the Caspian Sea live, they are one of the most important objects of fishing on the Lower Volga. Vobla differs its large size, up to 30 cm or more, as well as certain morphological features, for example, fins, which have a gray color, as well as an iris of an eye with silver color with dark spots above the pupils.

Pink salmon

These fish belong to the salmon family, these are the smallest in size, as well as the most common representatives of the genus of Pacific salmon. In the ocean, representatives of this species have blue, or blue-green color, the sides are silver, and the belly has white color. However, during returning to spawning, the color changes, and behind it becomes pale gray.


This is a kind of small freshwater fish, the size of which is not more than 20 cm, these fish belong to the family of carp. The color of the ordinary Golyana is a motley, and during spawning it becomes very bright. Ordinary Golyan most often lives in fastflowing rivers located in Europe, Asia, as well as North America.


This is a type of radiant fish that belong to the family of carp. This species is very common in the rivers of Europe and the Urals. The body length is most often approximately about 15 cm, the maximum body length is 40 cm, and the maximum registered mass was 1 kg, this fish can live up to 16 years. These fish have a bluish-gray back, the belly is silver-white, and the fins are gray.


This is a fish that belongs to the family of perch, typical species from the genus of ruffs. This fish is freshwater, and it lives in the reservoirs of Europe, as well as North Asia next to the bottom in lakes, dams, next to the banks of the rivers, she likes the sandy bottom, or gravel. The length reaches 10 cm. This fish feeds in invertebrates located near the bottom, in some cases small fish.


This is a type of fish belonging to the perch family, they have an elongated body reaching a length of up to 45 cm, but usually it is 25 cm. The weight of these fish is about 300 g. Two spinal fins: in the first there is at least 13 rays, and the upper jaws are longer than the lower. The body is covered with small scales, and the thoracic part of the body without scales, a wellexpressed side line is located on the sides of the body.


This is a fish from the pike family. Distributed in the fresh waters of Eurasia, as well as North America. Most often she lives in the coastal zone, in the thicket. In addition, it can be found in the coastal zones of the seas. This fish perfectly withstands the acid reaction of water. The length of this fish can reach one and a half meters, and the mass is 35 kg.






Crucian carp

The crucian carp is gold





Mongolian Krasnoper


The crucian carp is silver


Gubar horse













White amur



Channel catfish




Red salmon





Minoga Hungarian

Minoga is Ukrainian


Salmon Danube

The trout of a stream

The trout rainbow



Harius European






41% of all fishknown species are found in fresh waters. This is due to the fact that the species are formed at a huge speed, such a species is facilitated by the isolation of the habitat of these fish. Also, many species of fish prefer to multiply in fresh water, but they spend most of the adult time in the sea.

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