Frigate photos and description of the bird, interesting facts

Frigate is the closest relative of the pelican and cormorant. Fregat family birds look clumsy on Earth, while it is impossible to tear their eyes off in the air from them. Frigates easily perform complex tricks and write out a variety of pirouettes. A favorable habitat is considered tropical and subtropical regions. Soldate bird can be found on the islands located in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

general description

Feathered belong to fairly large birds, the body length of which reaches one meter when wingspan is 220 cm wings. Animal weight is in the range of 1-1.5 kg. The birds are distinguished by a long tail, narrow wings, as well as a bright red inflatable throat bag in males (its diameter can be 24 cm). Female individuals are larger and heavy than male. The females have white throat. The back of birds is usually black with a greenish tint.

The beak of frigates is strong and thin, it can grow up to 38 cm in length. With its help, the bird attacks prey and holds the most slippery victims. As a steering wheel, birds use a tail, which has a bifurcated shape. Animals have a rounded head and a short neck.

Lifestyle and reproduction

Frigates absolutely do not know how to swim and dive. Sometimes, crouching on the water, the bird can no longer take off. The main advantage of frigates is their endurance animals can fly in the air for hours and expect the moment of attack on other birds.

Females choose a male on their own. They pay attention to the partner’s throat bag: the larger it is, the higher the chance to become a couple. Together, future parents build a nest, and after a while the female individual lays one egg. After 7 weeks, the frigates appears a chick.

Food of birds

The main part of the diet of frigate consists of flying fish. Birds also do not mind enjoying jellyfish, chicks, turtle eggs and other oceanic inhabitants. Flying animals do not like to hunt, they often look out for other birds and attack them, selecting prey. The people of frigates are called pirate birds.

Types of birds

There are five of the most common types of frigates:

  • Magnificent largesized individuals with a wingspan up to 229 cm. Featers in black birds with a characteristic brilliance, females stand out with a white strip on the belly. Animals have short legs, but strong claws. Young individuals only after 4-6 years acquire a color, as in adults. You can meet frigates in the territories of Central and South America.
  • Large the length of the representatives of this group reaches 105 cm. During the wedding period, adults build nests on the islands in the ocean, the rest of the time spend over the sea. In order to win a female, male individuals inflate their throat bag; The whole process is accompanied by characteristic sounds.
  • Orlyn (Ascension) birds belong to endemic, which are found only on the island of the boatswain. Frigates grow up to 96 cm in length, have a long and thymus tail, black plumage with a green tint on the head.
  • Rozhdestvensky-birds of this group stand out in brownish-black shields, long wings and a bifurcated tail. The males have a white oval spot on the belly, in females light feathers on the stomach and in the chest area. The frigate is also endemic, it lives on the island of Christmas.
  • Ariel is one of the smallest birds of this family, growing up to 81 cm in length. Female individuals have a white breast, males have a dark plumage with a beautiful tint of different shades.
  • An amazing feature of all frigates are light bones, which are only 5% of the body weight.

    The closest relatives of the frigates

  • Curly pelican
  • Pink pelican
  • Small cormorant
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