Frostresistant plants (frostresistant) examples with names and photos

Frostresistant plants are found not only in the north, but usually there are more often there. These include representatives of the family of pink and kizyl, adox and birch. They were able to adapt to difficult conditions and developed a short root system. In addition, such plants are usually low to the ground, which helps to protect yourself from the wind. The most unpretentious plant is rightfully considered black spruce, which was brought from North America and growing in the foresttundra. This tree definitely does not take root in places with a warm climate.

The birch is dudden

IVE white

Barberis is ordinary

Dererene is white

Kalina is ordinary

Mountain ash

The bird cherry is ordinary

Olha is gray

The remaining frostresistant plants

Black spruce


Acacia yellow

Honeysuckle Tatar

Irga is roundleaved


The tank is brilliant



Most frostresistant plants belong to the dicotyledonous and coniferous, from them they make medicinal tinctures and teas. Such trees grow well, being off the coast of aquatic biotopes. Among them there is a white willow, which can carry frosts to minus 40. The color of willow leaves changes in the autumn period and becomes yellowish. In the wild, the plant can exist for about a hundred years. Birch birches, which can be found both in Siberia and Baikal, also belongs to these trees. Today, tea from plant leaves is considered healing.

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