Gagarshaped birds are representatives of the Gagarshaped detachment with photos, names and characteristics

Gagarshaped birds are waterfowl, this detachment includes only the Gagar family. Featins live in two belts of the Northern Hemisphere: cold and moderate. These birds are considered one of the most ancients, because an individual living in the lower myocene was found. According to the structure of the body and ecology, gagarlike are close to the penguinshaped their legs are also equipped with membranes, and the plumage is the same dense and dense. Eat birds of fish, but sometimes they use mollusks with crustaceans, as they are very useful for the formation of the body.

Redzone Gagara

Blackzoboy Gagara

Whitecircuent Gagara

Black Gagar (polar Gagara)

White Gagara


Gagarshaped is a detachment of birds well adapted to the conditions of the aquatic environment. Almost always they are in water occasionally going to land to create a nest. Usually they live in the seas, but during reproduction they stop at freshwater reservoirs. On land, the Gagars are absolutely helpless and are forced to clumsy with their feet to crawl. At the moment, their role in the food chain is enormous they eat patients of fishing fish, which affects their herd well, becoming participants in natural selection.

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