Galle-yellow dialect (row-brown row)-photo and description of the mushroom, edibility where it grows

This mushroom is a representative. This mushroom is often called a row of brown-yellow or golden.

Appearance and structure

The diameter of the hat ranges from 3 to 6 cm. At first it is quite convex, has a tubercle, but then it seems to be pressed and becomes smooth or hygrophane. When the hat dries, covers with small dark spots. In raw weather, a watery hat. Its color can vary from yellow to red or brownish. Over time, this part of the fungus can fade and purchase a cream or yellowish tint.

The plastics are narrow and descending, sometimes there are winding, usually yellowish or brown. The average height of the legs is 6 cm, and the average thickness is 10 mm. It has a cylindrical shape, can be curved or even. The leg narrows to the base, it is fibrous. Spore mushroom powder has white color.

The mushroom pulp is usually dense, has a cream tint and anise smell. It tastes with bitter and powdery.

Where it grows

Row Buro-yellow is unpretentious to choose the place of growth. It grows on any soil, resistant to droughts. Fruit from midsummer to October. The mushroom grows in north of America, in Western and Eastern Europe, in Eurasia, on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District and in the Urals. Usually creates groups.

Poisonous or edible?

To date, scientists have not yet decided whether this species is toxic. Many consider it conditionally edible. In Europe, this species is not eaten, because it is believed: it contains a toxin that can paralyze the nerve cells, the respiratory tract of a person. Also, this substance, according to European scientists, causes poisoning and has a detrimental effect on all parts of the brain. In Eurasia, this mushroom is often eaten after processing. Usually the mushroom is fried or boiled. So, it is possible that in Eurasia they eat a completely different mushroom, because talkers are more than 60 species and they are all very similar to each other. It is possible that this one and the same species, but the toxicity of the mushroom depends on the stage of its development.

Similar species

Golojushka has a lot of doubles. Among them there is a row inverted. It can be distinguished by a large hat, whose diameter is approximately 14 cm. The hat of this mushroom is lighter than that of a row of brown-yellow. In addition, it cannot be watery. This type has a sweet smell, it grows on the opad. Another similar view is a row of red. This mushroom fruit in the same time period, but you can distinguish it from the original by the color of the hat: it has a light shade. Buroyellow talus is often confused with a row of the topopolis. The main difference from the dialect is the golly pulp again, but this is not the only distinctive feature: the leg of the Topoleva row is shorter and thicker, if you put pressure on it, brown spots will perform. Another similar view is a yellow-red row. There are red scales on the mushroom hat by which it can be easily distinguished from a brown-yellow counterpart.

A row of brown-yellow can be confused with a row of waxy. There are many toxic substances in this fungus, this is a very poisonous look. This mushroom has a hat of gray or white, it is easy to understand what kind of mushroom it is. However, the talker is brown-yellow in an adult state has the same hat, so it is better not to collect such faded fruit bodies.

Signs of poisoning with muscarin

Usually after half an hour you can feel the first signs of poisoning. Diarrhea with vomiting will begin, and pain in the abdomen will occur. After that, the ceiling and salivation will increase, shortness of breath will appear. The pressure will fall, and the pulse will become slower. Nonsense or simply confused consciousness can begin. A person may occur strong outbreaks of aggression or apathy. After that, if you do not help, the poisoned will fall into a coma. Death occurs 6-12 hours after taking toxic food.

When the first symptoms appear, you need to rinse the stomach with the intestines. You can do this by using drugs that cause vomiting or activated carbon. After that, you need to transfer a person to medical care workers. They will introduce anthropin antagonist Muscarin. It is forbidden to do this yourself, since you can incorrectly calculate the dosage.

Gathering rules

If you want to try a talker brown-yellow, it is recommended to follow the following rules:

  1. Collect only the youngest mushrooms, because with age they accumulate toxins.
  2. Before processing, remove all the dirt from the surface of the mushroom.
  3. Try to use only hats.
  4. After cleaning, soak the mushrooms in water for a day. Every few hours you need to change water.
  5. Cook mushrooms for half an hour, and then drain the poisonous broth.
  6. You can dry the dialect in the oven at 100 ° C with the door ajar.

After cooking, the mushroom can be fried, bake. However, the reaction to the use of the fungus is purely individual, so it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children under 6 years of age and those who have gastrointestinal diseases.

Interesting Facts

  1. In 100 g of mushroom 20 kcal.
  2. When heat treatment, you need to remove the film from the mushroom hat so that the dish does not grieve.
  3. Based on the dialects, drugs struggling with diabetes were created.
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