Armenian Gampr: description of the dog breed, characteristics and photos

Armenian Gampr is one of the most ancient dog breeds. This is evidenced by rock paintings found by archaeologists in places that were historically part of Armenia. These drawings were made approximately in the first millennium BC, and on many of them, you can find images of a dog that looks like a gampr.

Armenian Gampr

Characteristics Armenian Gampr

  • Country of origin: Armenia
  • The size: large
  • Growth: 63–80 cm
  • The weight: 45–85 kg
  • Age: 11-13 years old
  • FCI breed group: not recognized

Brief information

  • Wayward and shrewd;
  • Loyal and calm;
  • Good guard;
  • The serious dog needs an experienced owner.

Character Armenian Gampr

These dogs grazed herds and even rescued people from avalanches. Armenian Gampr is an excellent warrior capable of protecting their families on their own. The inhabitants of the Armenian highlands highly appreciated their devotion and strength. However, in the 20th century, these qualities did the breed a disservice. During the Turkish genocide, many wolfhounds who defended their families were killed. Further events in the history of Armenia did not contribute to the restoration of the breed. Currently, Armenian cynologists are actively engaged in the revival of their national breed and are trying to keep it in its original form.

Armenian Gampr are not only strong and loyal, they also have a developed mind and work ethic. Despite the fact that it is more of a watchdog breed, the Armenian wolfhounds have a balanced and calm character and will not raise a fuss over trifles. In addition, they are quite perceptive, which allows them to capture the mood and emotions of people well.

Representatives of this breed can not be called aggressive. In a calm environment, the gampr behaves quietly and tries to be careful with children and animals. However, do not forget that a strong dog requires both a physically and psychologically strong owner who is able to train a gampr and become a leader for him. For this reason, an inexperienced owner should refrain from acquiring this dog. Despite the fact that the Armenian wolfhound treats other animals calmly and cautiously, it is better for him to be the only pet in the family.


Armenian wolfhound boasts excellent health. Its strong immunity is able to cope with bad weather, and this breed has no predisposition to any genetic diseases. Gampru needs to brush his teeth regularly, and he should also wash his pet 3-4 times a year. The nails of dogs living in country houses with a plot usually wear off themselves, but their length still needs to be monitored.

Gampr is both short-haired and long-haired (which, however, have not yet been recognized). It’s no secret that longer coats require more attention. However, both varieties of the breed molt, so during the molting period, they need to be combed regularly.

An important part of caring for the Armenian wolfhound is training, which should start at an early age. Large dogs mature for a long time up to 2 years. During this period, they form a worldview, character, and relationships with family members. During this time, you need to socialize with the Gampr and introduce him to as many people and animals as possible. In the future, this will save the dog from excessive distrust and suspicion. However, when introducing an adult gampr to new animals, care should be taken, since these dogs have a desire to protect and protect on a subconscious level.

Conditions of detention

A large and freedom-loving gampr needs a lot of physical activity, so it is strongly not recommended to keep him in an apartment. The ideal housing for this dog would be a country house with a large plot where you can run around to your heart’s content. It is also important for the Armenian wolfhound to feel that he is needed, and a spacious territory will come in handy the dog will be happy to guard it.

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