Gardress ordinary photo and description of the frog, lifestyle, reproduction

A huge variety of amphibians allows you to study animals and open new facts about them. Among the bright representatives is an ordinary garlic or as it is also called Pelobatid. Hardly, outwardly reminiscent of a toad, belong to the detachment. Amphibians got their names due to habitat in the beds on which garlic grows. Some scientists argue that amphibians of this species distinguish a specific smell that resembles the aroma of caustic vegetables. The skin secret of the garlic helps to scare away enemies and avoid a number of dangerous situations. You can meet unique amphibians in the territories of Asia and Europe.

Description and Feature features

Pelobatides are a certain middle between frogs and toads. These are small amphibians that do not grow more than 12 cm in length. Animal weight varies from 10 to 24 g. Distinctive features of the garlic grinder are a short body of a wide shape, a sedentary chest belt, a poorly expressed neck, smooth and wet skin with peculiar tubercles. In the process of production of special mucus, poison is distinguished, which helps in the fight against microorganisms.

A feature of the garlic is the absence of eardrums and parotid glands. Animals do not have vocal cords, and there is a bulge between the eyes. The amphibians have teeth.

Lifestyle and nutrition

Gardresses ordinary night animals. They jump well and swim well. E amphibians are perfectly adapted to arid territories and can live even in the desert. In the afternoon, pelopatids prefer to burst deeper into the sand to prevent the skin of the skin. Amphibians can hibernate if they feel danger or starve.

Ordinary garlic can feed on the food of the animal and plant origin. In the diet of amphibians there are larvae, worms, spidershaped, multileaflets, membranes, flies, mosquitoes and butterflies. Pelopatida swallows food alive.


In the spring, the period of mating of garlic begins. Unsusable reservoirs are considered an ideal place for marriage games. For fertilization of the female, the male wraps it on the body and releases a special liquid aimed at caviar. In this case, specific sounds are made.

Garlic lays eggs that turn into larvae, and then in adults. A female representative can postpone up to 3,000 eggs.

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