Gavaloval crocodile (false Gavial) photos and interesting facts, presentation and message

The main difference between gavalovic crocodiles and other species is its relatively narrow and long muzzle, which has small pits at the top. This feature has a resemblance to Gangan Gavial, for which this crocodile was called “Gavavalovoy”. Gavalovic crocodile can reach 5 meters in length. The length of the muzzle of this representative is 4.5 times larger than its base. 20 sharp teeth are located on the upper jaw. The color of the body has a saturated brown tint, and small dark spots and stripes are located on the surface of the tail and body. The life expectancy of this species varies from 30 to 50 years, depending on the habitat.


The population of these pseudoharms is common in Indonesia, in particular, on the islands of Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java, and Malaysia. According to unconfirmed reports, it occurs in Thailand. In Vietnam, this representative died out since the 1970s. As a habitat prefers swampy backwaters with thick vegetation.

The population of this representative currently has only 2.5 thousand individuals. Gavalovic crocodile is at risk of complete extinction.


The narrow and long muzzle of this representative copes with fishing perfectly. He deftly grabs fish with his jaws and digs into the body with sharp teeth. In addition to fish, a hawal crocodile can eat various insects and crustaceans. Some species hunt for warmblooded mammals.

Pseudogavian produces fish in the water in which it lives. Can wait for the victim in the water column and in shallow water. Inattentive animals can fall into the mouth of a gavalovic crocodile. They do not chew their prey, but swallow. If it is large, then they can break it into pieces that are feasible for their jaws.

Features of behavior

Most of their time Gavaloval crocodiles spend in water. Due to their streamlined form of the body, they are excellent swimmers. For relaxation, this representative swims for algae. Since pseudoGavialys of Halodnobloody reptiles, an important aspect for their existence is control of body temperature. To do this, they periodically crawl out on land, where the sun’s rays accumulate. At the time of potential danger, hawalous crocodiles tear out holes near ponds.


With the beginning of the reproduction period, Gavaloval crocodiles equip their nests with the help of leaves and other vegetation. The height of the created nest can reach 60 centimeters. The female lays from 20 to 60 large eggs in the formed nest. This representative does not differ in great responsibility for his future offspring, so immediately after masonry, the female forgets about her cubs. As a rule, most eggs are ruined by other predators, in particular, wild pigs and large reptiles. The preserved eggs ripen for three months. The term is determined by climatic conditions in the nest. Small gavalic crocodiles in size only 10 centimeters are born. In this state, they are very vulnerable and prone to the dangers of wildlife.

Differences of Gavalovy crocodile and Gangan

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