Gazelle Dorkas the animal of deserts, photos and description

This animal belongs to mammals, belongs to the family of sexually and gazel. The horns of the gazelle are curved, in the male their length ranges from 25 to 28 cm, and in the female from 17 to 19. There are rings on them, there are about 20 male individuals, and their females are about 16. Animals weigh a little: females are 12 kg, and males are a little more than 16. The color of the gazelle dokas is yellowish, on the sides of the body there are two darkcolored stripes. However, in individuals living next to the Red Sea, the wool is brown and has a reddish underon. Usually on the head of the cover is a darker.

These animals are well adapted to life in savannahs and deserts. They can also be found in fields with sand dunes and in semideserts. These amazing gazelles may not drink water at all, because they get it with food. Although if they have such an opportunity, they will not miss it. Individuals adapt well to hot weather, but in this case the peak of their activity shifts at night or evening. The same thing happens in places where predators often attack animals.


Animals can be found in Ethiopia, in northern Africa and in the Sahara Desert. They also inhabit Morocco and Algeria, Somalia and Tunisia. A small population is also available in Israel with Libya.

Little Dorcas


The breeding season of Gazelle Dorkas occurs in September and lasts only a month. Males during this period constantly mark the territory with excrement. The Gazelle group usually includes several males and a huge number of females or a pair of animals. In difficult situations, for example, with a lack of food, animals find a couple more actively.

In the will, females become sexually mature in two years, and in other conditions they can become pregnant in six months. Usually all females ultimately produce offspring. Almost always only one cub is born, which the female hatches for about six months. It is born already with woolen cover. At first he is hiding in the shade and only a few weeks later he is actively involved in finding food with the female, because male individuals do not take part in the upbringing of offspring. Mothers feed the cubs for several minutes 2-3 times a day and so lasts 3 months. The female usually sleeps separately from young animals, but does not leave him in danger. Then, as they grow old, the gazelle form their group.


Animals prefer flowers and acacia leaves. They also feed on fruits and shrubs. Individuals inhabiting the desert terrain of Negevs eat pankrations Zikenberger. The method of production of food changes from season to season: in the summer, animals dig holes to get this plant, and in winter enjoy fresh leaves.

Natural enemies

The most famous predators, such as lions and wolves, karacals and evil hyenas, are hunting for animals. Eagles and foxes prefer to eat young individuals, just like jackals. All these animals are often exterminated in the habitats of these sex. To date, the main enemies of Gazelle dokas are people, because they often hunt them because of delicious meat. This species is considered disappearing, and it is listed in the International Red Book.

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