Geoecological research basic methods

In order to assess the state of the environment, it is necessary to conduct geoecological studies. They are aimed at overcoming the issues of interaction between people and nature. This monitoring evaluates the following criteria:

  • consequences of anthropogenic activity;
  • quality and standard of living of people;
  • how rationally the resources of the planet are used.
  • The main significance in these studies is the impact on the natural environment of various types of pollution, due to which a significant amount of chemicals and compounds accumulate in the biosphere. In the course of monitoring, specialists establish anomalous zones and determine the most polluted territories, as well as determine the sources of this pollution.

    Features of geoecological research

    In order to conduct geoecological studies, it is necessary to take samples for analysis:

    Geoecological research basic methods
  • water (groundwater and surface water areas);
  • soil;
  • snow cover;
  • flora;
  • sediments at the bottom of water bodies.
  • Experts will conduct research and assess the state of environmentalists. in Eurasia, this can be done in Ufa, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and other large cities.

    So, during the procedure of geoecological studies, the level of pollution of atmospheric air and water, soil and the concentration of various substances in the biosphere is estimated.

    It should be noted that, in general, the population does not feel any changes in the environment if pollution occurs within the maximum permissible limits. It doesn’t affect your health and wellness. It is geoecological studies that show what environmental problems exist in the region.

    Geoecological research basic methods

    Methods of geoecological research

    Various methods are used to conduct environmental studies:

    Geoecological research basic methods
  • geophysical;
  • geochemical;
  • air method;
  • X-ray fluorescent;
  • modeling;
  • expert assessment;
  • forecasting, etc.d.
  • For geoecological research, innovative equipment is used, and all work is carried out by highly qualified professionals, which allows you to accurately know the state of the environment and detect substances that pollute the biosphere. All this in the future will make it possible to properly use natural resources and rationalize economic activity within a particular settlement, where samples of water, soil, etc. were taken.

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