Geosquet universal material for road construction

The geosquet was widely used when strengthening the slopes. The material is used to reinforce surfaces in road construction or landscape design. To fill it, sand, soil, crushed stone and gravel are used. With competent work, the nets fully cope with the tasks and have a long service life. The company “Resource” provides wholesale supply of such materials at the most favorable prices, providing a choice of several effective solutions. 

Geoset characteristics to strengthen slopes

The product is a roll material, which consists of geonits, woven in a special way. Volumetric cells reliably hold any aggregate regardless of the level of the slope of the slope. Such a grid contributes to the uniform distribution of loads over the entire area of ​​the base. In addition to the reinforcing function, the material provides soil protection against erosion, significantly improves the drainage system, prevents the washing of particles under the influence of precipitation and melt water.

A geogrid is used to strengthen slopes when laying roads and reinforcing slopes. In the first case, it provides reliable reinforcement of the sheets, which is achieved due to the adhesion of various materials. The material has standard dimensions of 2×5 or 4×5 m. 

Advantageous characteristics and features of the geogrid

The wide demand for this material is due to the presence of a large number of operational advantages. These include:

  • long service life up to 25 years;
  • wide temperature range of application, ranging from70 to 70 degrees;
  • chemical inertness, the ability to easily endure the negative effects of alkalis, acids and other substances that have a destructive effect;
  • simplicity and high speed of installation without the involvement of expensive equipment;
  • resistance to direct sunlight;
  • unattractiveness for insects, birds and rodents;
  • the ability to withstand uneven shrinkage and mobility of the soil;
  • Environmental safety and reduction in the level of harmful emissions.
  • The use of a geoset allows you to reduce costs for other construction work. The thickness of the inert aggregate due to it decreases by 50 %. Universal characteristics contribute to solving problems of any complexity, including in a harsh climate.

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