Gerenusk (giraffe gazelle) photo and description of the animal, habitat and nutrition of antelope

Not a deer or a small giraffe this! The animal almost unknown in Europe has a large body, small head and long neck, resembles a miniature giraffe. In fact, this is a type of antelop, which also belongs to the same family as the Gazelle. Gerenuki live in Tanzania, the steppes of Masai, the Sambur reserve in Kenya and East Africa.

Gerenucks live in wooded, deserted or even open forests, but there should be enough vegetation for herbivores. Excellent physical characteristics of gerenucks allow them to survive in harsh conditions. They make rather impressive tricks to get food.

Gerenusk will live without drinking water

Gerenuk’s diet consists of:

  • leaves;
  • shoots of prickly shrubs and trees;
  • colors;
  • fruits;
  • kidneys.
  • They don’t need water. Gerenucks receive moisture from the plants that they eat, so they live life without drinking a drop of water. This ability allows you to survive in dry desert areas.

    Amazing glands of Gerenukov

    Like most other gazelles, Gerenukov has preorbital glands in the eyes, which emit a resounded substance with a strong aroma. They also have aromatic glands located between split hooves and on the knees, which are covered with bunches of wool. The animal “puts off” secrets from the eyes and limbs to bushes and vegetation, note their territory.

    Compliance with territorial rules and “family” residence among Gerenucks

    Gerenucks are united in groups. The first includes females and offspring. In the second exclusively males. Male Gerthi live alone, adhere to a certain territory. Women’s herds occupy a territory from 1.5 to 3 square kilometers, on which several areas of males are also located.

    Body features and the ability to use them for food extraction

    Gerenucks know how to use the body correctly. They stretch long necks to get plants that reach 2-2.5 meters in height. They also eat, standing right on their hind legs, use the front limbs to lower the tree branches to the mouth. This greatly distinguishes gerenucks from other antelopes, which, as a rule, eat from the ground.

    Gerenucks have no marriage seasons

    Animals multiply at any time of the year. They do not have a season of courtship and reproduction, like other species of the animal world. The lack of special time frames for mating and relaxed courtship for the representative of the opposite sex, allows Gerenucks to increase their number, starting offspring all year round, quickly enough.

    Supermam Gerenuki

    When offspring is born, the cubs weigh about 6.5 kg. Mother:

  • licks the subtyel after birth and eats the fetal bladder;
  • offers milk for feeding two to three times a day;
  • cleans offspring after each feeding and eats waste waste to remove any smell that attracts predators.
  • Gertinuki-samka use a light and delicate tone when communicating with young people, bleat softly.

    Gerenucks face disappearance

    The main dangers for the population of Gerenukov:

  • capture of the habitat by man;
  • reduction in the feed base;
  • Poacher hunting for exotic animals.
  • Gerenucks are listed in the list of species that are under threat of disappearance. According to zoologists, about 95,000 individuals of gerenukov live in four countries mentioned above. The purposeful preservation of nature and protection in the reserves did not allow the gerenucks to become an endangered look, but the threat remains.

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