Giant Brees Photo and Description of the Plant

This plant grows in Australia. It belongs to the category of predatory, as it feeds on insects. At the same time, the flowers of the breeze are so beautiful that it is grown as a decorative culture.

Where the web grows?

The historical area of ​​the growth of this plant is completely on the Australian mainland. He was most widespread in Western Australia, in the vicinity of the city of Perth. This territory is characterized by a large number of sunny days a year. The sun is almost always shining here, and minus air temperatures are extremely rare.

The most well gigantic bait grows on acidic, wellmoistened soils. Most often it is found on the banks of rivers, swamps and wet sands. A separate place of “habitat” is a sand valley between two rivers-Moore River and Eneabba. Also the plant “loves” the places of former forest fires. Moreover, as other vegetation is restored, the web from such territories disappears.

Description of the plant

This is a perennial species that can grow to a height of 0.5 meters. As it grows, the rhizome is village and begins to resemble the roots of a tree or shrub trunks. Blows blooms, like many other plants, in the spring. Its flowers have a small size and resemble a violet in shape. Even the color coincides-light purple or pinkish-red.

Leaves are thin and very long. Their main feature is the presence of many thin hairs that cover the sheet completely. Researchers counted about 300,000 hairs on one mediumsized sheet. In addition to them, there are small pieces of iron (glands) that can produce digestive enzymes here. Together, these two types of nonstandard elements form a device for fishing and digestion of insects.

How the web eats

As mentioned above, this plant is predatory. Its food is not only light insects, but also quite serious animals. Snails, frogs and even small birds become victims!

The living creature is carried out using a substance secreted by the hairs on the leaves. It is very adhesive and, in contact, to tear away from the surface of the sheet is extremely difficult. As soon as the web feels that the prey has glued, irons are entering the cause. The enzymes produced first immobilize the victim, and then very slowly digest. The process is so unhurried that when observing even after a few days of significant changes it is not noticeable.

Despite such a strict method of obtaining nutrients, the web is actively collected and divorced all over the world. This happens due to the beauty of his flowers. He may well decorate the garden or personal plot.

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