Giant evening evening Photo and description of the bat of the Red Book

Giant evening evening a mammal related to the screeching detachment. She was called an evening party for starting to hunt at dusk and continues to hunt until dawn. Giant Vespers is the largest bat in size, which lives in the European part and in Eurasia.


Giant Vespers the largest representative related to the family of ordinary bats. Wings reaches a scale of 46 centimeters. The evening evening is hiding in hollows of old trees together with red evenings, ears and inaccules. Usually they settled in small groups (3-4 individuals) or colonies (8-12 and more individuals).

In the summer in the daytime, animals sleep in a hollow. In winter, the evening lines are hibernated. Therefore, they are equipped in caves or deep adits. Giant Vespers, settled in the northern regions, migrate to the south in winter.


In adults, body length is 85-104 millimeters. Wingspan can reach 44-46 centimeters. The mass is 42-76 grams. Reddish-brown color background with a reddish tint. The abdomen is brownish-yellow. The animal is covered with fur. In the occipital part, he sticks out in the form of a mane.

The ears are long (22-26 millimeters), large, wide, rounded shape and with folds. Behind the ears, the color is darker. A characteristic difference of ears is a protruding triangular goat. Ears are able to perceive the ultrasound signals with a frequency of 17-19 kHz.

Wings are narrow and elongated. Their lower side is covered with a woolen strip. Giant evening evening lines develop a high speed during the flight. They live in natural conditions from 8 to 10 years.

Where they live

Small in numbers and isolated populations of a giant evening evening live in the following territories:

  • Southern and Eastern Europe;
  • Middle East and Central Asia;
  • North Africa;
  • Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, north of Iran).
  • The European population has a range from the Pyrenees to Turkey. In Eurasia, a giant evening evening can be found in the following areas:

  • in Moscow;
  • in Nizhny Novgorod;
  • in Vladimir;
  • In Orenburg.
  • What they eat

    The place of hunting of the Evening rooms is forest glades and surfaces of reservoirs. At first they rise as high as possible, then reduced to the earth or water surface.

    Gigantic evening parties are mainly eating:

  • different beetles;
  • night butterflies;
  • Komarov longs.
  • In the migration periods of the prey of giant evening evening, small birds become:

  • goric and glorious;
  • polystyles;
  • Zaryanka.
  • They hunt birds, rising to a height of more than 750 meters at night. Animals are gluttony. For one meal, evening evening eating can increase body weight by ⅓ part.

    Giant evening evening in the light of day

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