Gigantic goat photo and description of the bird, interesting facts

A huge number of unusual and dangerous predators live on our planet, among which a gigantic goat occupies a place of honor. The hunter is perfectly disguised, actually merging with the tree on which. Many who met a bird in the wild mistakenly took it for a stump or branch. In addition, the goats are one of the few who also hunt well during the day, like at night. They are waiting for the victim and suddenly attack her. An unusual bird lives on the territory of South and Central America, in Haiti and Jamaica.

general description

Gigantic goat relatively small bird having a weight of not more than 400 g. Her body length can reach 55 cm. The color of the opera in males and females is practically identical. Because of the unusual and terrifying head of the animal, as well as terrible eyes, it is called «Bulletin from Hell». The bird has a short and wide beak, large wings and a long tail. Kozodoi look awkward because of short-legged paws.

Born birds have a dark brown color of the opera from above and rust-brown with characteristic spots and stripes from below. Dark transverse stripes are visible on the steering and fly feathers.

Gigantic forest goat

Lifestyle and nutrition

The main feature of the gigantic goats is their ability to disguise themselves. Animals are so skillful in this matter that when sitting on a selected branch, they are confident in their «invisibility». Birds merge perfectly with branches, because, approaching them even close, it is not easy to see them. During masking, the goat do not forget to follow everything that happens around. Even with their eyes closed, animals watch the situation (they do not squeeze them completely and follow others through the formed cracks).

The gigantic goats prefer to relax on dried tree branches (so it is easier for them to disguise themselves). As a rule, the bird is placed so that the head hangs beyond the end of the bitch. Thanks to this, it seems that the branch is longer than it is actually. In the daytime, goats are very relaxed and love to sleep. At night, gigantic goats make frightening cries. Sounds are similar to rude screams that are replaced by howl. And if, along with the cries, see the terrible yellow eyes of the bird, you can get scared for fame. In addition, at night the goats lead a very mobile lifestyle. They are dexterous, fast and tireless.

In fact, goats are not as dangerous as they all think. Birds feed on insects because their beak is not intended for the extraction of large animals. In this regard, the birds are fecked with fireflies and butterflies, which is quite enough for them. On the night hunt, goats attack cockroaches. In addition to their terrible appearance and frightening sounds that birds make, animals do not pose a threat to humans.


Depending on the habitat region, birds can multiply from April to December month. The gigantic goat belongs to monogamous animals. A female and a male during the marriage season in broken trees build a nest, after which the female individual lays only one egg. Parents guard the future chick in turn. When the baby is born, he already has a unique color that allows herself to be disguised in the wild, so he is ensured by safety. The cub is so merged with the environment that only the shell from the white egg allows you to find it in a dark forest.

Interesting Facts

The scope of the wings of the gigantic goat can reach one meter. In some cases, the night predator enjoys small birds and bats. The animal received an unusual name because of its habit of catching insects near herds of cows, goats and sheep. Birds skillfully fly under the belly or hooves of a large mammal.

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