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Square beetles (lat. Cicindla Hybrida) is an insect that is recognized as the fastest of all. It belongs to the family of beetles-zhules, and its name got just due to its main distinguishing line, the ability to run, or to long jumps. The speed of representatives of this subfamily exceeds the length of the insect itself by 120 times. Such numbers sound unimaginably, because it is as many as 2 meters per second with a length of 2 centimeters. They also have a second name-laughter horses.


Although the cloaks are subfamily, they also have a division into their own species, each of which has differences that can be quite significant. It is worth highlighting two types:

Forest Hall (Lat. CicindlaSylvatica). The color of their body is mainly black with a metal tint. There is a changeable pattern of white color on the overlap, and the lower body is covered with thick hairs, which reach two millimeters in length. The size of an adult varies from fifteen to twenty millimeters in length. This species is distributed throughout Europe, except for Mediterranean countries. Preference, as follows from the name of the species, these beetles give these bugs to forests.

Field horseman (latch. Cicindelacampestris). This is one of the smallest in size of the subspecies in this family. The length of the body of an adult, with rare exceptions, reaches fifteen millimeters. The color is greenish, but it contains purple or blue intersperses that have a metallic shine. Odlalli have a matte coating and are covered with white spots of small sizes throughout the area. The bottom of the body is blue-green, and the sides contrast with the help of red stripes. The speed of running these beetles reaches three kilometers per hour, and the main life is in the daytime of the day.

Where they live

Most of the representatives of the Hall family try to choose a moderate climatic belt as their habitat, since it is there that the temperature is the most favorable for conducting an active lifestyle. They are distributed throughout Europe, as well as many species are found in Asian countries. Typically, insects from this family try to settle near plains, preferably sandy, on small mountain slopes and in careers. They are often met on the sidelines of roads, in sandy dunes and other places, which sunlight abundantly fall.

What they eat

Despite the modest size, due to their speed, the clicon beetles are ferocious predators in the world of insect. They love to enjoy the record holders in a different category, hardworking ants, which, despite all their physical strength, cannot resist the swift horses. The hunt is as follows: the beetle abruptly jumps onto the victim, squeezes it with its jaws and begins to roll it, turning the prey into a ball. After that, they begin to spray the resulting biomass with their enzymes, thanks to which insects dissolve the solid parts of the victim’s body. A similar supply principle is called ExtraChickest digestion, since already softened food enters the gastric tract and it does not have to be compensated for. It is noteworthy that we can call that the enzymes of these beetles are not only corroding the bodies of victims without any problems, but also can burn the fabric of the Sachka, which people can try to catch them. Because of this, other favorite goodies cannot be distinguished, because they turn into a slurry before eating them.


The propagation period of representatives of the Horse Family falls at the beginning of the summer season. The female begins to search for shelter, where he subsequently dugs a hole and begins to lay eggs. The development of masonry entirely depends on the temperature conditions, as well as precipitation, which may fall out. It is for this reason that most bugs are trying to settle in a moderate climatic zone, because there are not so significant temperature changes and humidity is lower than in tropics or subtropics. A few days later, larvae begin to get out of a kind of nest. In search of food, they have to tear out the tunnels, because immediately after birth they are hungry predators. They stick out their heads, which, by the way, has quite large sizes in relation to the body, and then wait for the victim and drag it underground, eating there. Wintering takes place in the hole, the stage of development of the doll takes about three weeks and begins in midAugust.

Interesting Facts

  • The horses rightfully wear the title of fastest insects in the world, because they are able to reach a speed exceeding the length of their body by 150 or even 170 times. For comparison, you can take Johnson, who set a world record and overcame two hundred meters in 19 seconds. He is much faster than the insect, which is quite logical, but its speed exceeds the length of the body only seven times. It is difficult to imagine what records he could set by having the same maneuverability as horses.
  • Ants, which are the most powerful by their own creatures, are not able to withstand the speeds of these predators, which is why they became a favorite treat for them.
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