Global cooling on Earth and Eurasia causes

As a result of studies of the solar system and our planet, scientists have found that at the moment there is a threat of global cooling of the Earth. This problem lies in the fact that the process of gradual cooling of the earth’s firmament is taking place, as a result of which the annual temperature drops by several degrees. If there is a climate catastrophe, then the planet can freeze, as it did during the Ice Age.

History of the global cooling problem

The period of global cooling last time on the planet was in the 17th century. At that time, the temperature dropped to unthinkably low levels. The first manifestations of global cooling were recorded by an English scientist, and in honor of him this period was called the “Maunder minimum”, which lasted from 1645-1715. According to eyewitnesses, even the River Thames froze.

In the 1940s-1970s, the hypothesis of global cooling of the planet dominated. When, as a result of rapid economic development and industrial activity, the air temperature began to rise rapidly, scientists began to talk about global warming. Soon this hypothesis began to be massively discussed, and the information reached the common population. Thus, the cooling theory was forgotten for some time.

The current state of the problem

Experts on the dangers of nuclear winter spoke again when there was a threat of a nuclear attack on cities. In addition, this hypothesis is now confirmed by new studies of scientists. They found some black spots on the sun, and in 2030 a new solar cycle will begin, with which global cooling will come. This will happen because the two waves of rays will reflect each other, so the Earth will not be able to be heated by the energy of the Sun. Then the planet can survive another short-term “ice age”. Within 10 years there will be severe frosts. Astronomers predict that the temperature of the atmosphere will drop by 60%.

A group of researchers say that neither this approaching cold snap, nor those that are expected in the future, will not stop people. While some worry about global warming, the threat of an “ice age” is getting much closer. It’s time to buy warm clothes, heaters and invent ways to survive in the harsh conditions of low frost. There is very little time left to prepare for the coming cold. However, these are just the assumptions of scientists, the results will soon be seen.

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