Glossodium Japanese Red Book photo and description for children

The Japanese glossodium, also known as the Japanese Ikmadofil is a rare species of lichen, which is found only in Eurasia and Japan. Often takes the form of bushes and is characterized by high moisture loving.

Where it grows

In the vast majority of situations, the germination places are:

  • taiga coniferous or mixed forests;
  • rotten stumps of any trees;
  • loungers;
  • Virgin darkskinned forests, in particular those in which firing prevail;
  • The foundations of those trees that are covered with moss.
  • Reducing the population of Japanese icmadophiles develops against the background:

    Glossodium Japanese Red Book photo and description for children
  • environmental pollution;
  • abstracting by cattle;
  • excessive deforestation;
  • The multiplicity of ruined populations.
  • From this it follows that the necessary security measures will be the organization of state reserves or reserves in the sprouts, as well as the search for new habitats and monitoring the state of populations on an ongoing basis. In cases of violation of the natural germination environment, this plant dies very quickly, which does not make it possible to bring it to the culture.

    Short description

    The Japanese glossodium is such a variety of lichen, which is characterized by a specific structure of the primary layout it is incurumed and homogeneous. Structure from powder to granular. Shade-grayish-greenish, in some places there are powdery whitish intersperses.

    Apothesis resemble low, no more than 8 millimeters in height, degradation outgrowths. There is also a short, about 2 millimeters, the leg of which the upper side is linguistic and flattened. The lower part is brightly painted-it can have an orange, yellow or pinkish yellow shade.

    Found either separately or in small accumulations. Can increase its number in several ways, namely a vegetative way or disputes. Possible cultivation methods are currently not known.

    This type of lichens is considered a transitional step to the epiphytic category of a similar group of plants. Japanese Glossodium was widespread from what it contains tamponolic acid. Because of this, it can be used in various fields-most often these are folk recipes. However, Japanese icmadophile is operated not only in medicine, but also in industry. Nevertheless, today it is practically not used, which is caused by a low population.

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