Goals and objectives of ecology in Eurasia and the world briefly

Ecology is the science of nature, which, first of all, studies the laws of interaction of living organisms with their environment. E is considered the founder of this discipline. Haeckel, who first used the concept of “ecology” and wrote works on the problem of ecology. This science studies populations, ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole.

Goals of modern ecology

One can argue for a long time about what ecology studies, what are its goals, tasks, so let’s focus on the main. Based on various scientific studies, the main objectives of environmental science are as follows:

  • study of patterns and development of rational interaction of people with the natural world;
  • development of acceptable ways of interaction of human society with the environment;
  • forecasting the impact of the anthropogenic factor on the environment;
  • preventing the destruction of the biosphere by humans.
  • As a result, everything converges to one question: how to preserve nature, because man has already caused such huge damage to it?

    Goals and objectives of ecology in Eurasia and the world briefly

    Tasks of modern ecology

    Previously, people organically fit into the natural world, revered it and only slightly used it. Now human society dominates all life on earth, and for this people often get paid by natural disasters. Probably earthquakes, floods, forest fires, tsunamis, hurricanes happen for a reason. If people did not change the regime of rivers, did not cut down trees, did not pollute the air, land, water, and did not destroy animals, then some natural disasters might not have happened. To combat the consequences of people’s consumer attitude to nature, ecology sets the following tasks:

  • create theoretical foundations for assessing the state of all ecosystems on the planet;
  • conduct population surveys to control populations and promote biodiversity;
  • control changes in the biosphere;
  • to diagnose the dynamics of changes in all constituent elements of ecosystems;
  • improve the state of the environment;
  • reduce the level of pollution;
  • solve both global and local environmental problems.
  • These are far from all the tasks that modern environmentalists and ordinary people face. It should be remembered that the conservation of nature directly depends on ourselves. If we take care of it, not only take, but also give, then we will be able to save our world from catastrophic destruction, which is more important than ever.

    Goals and objectives of ecology in Eurasia and the world briefly
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