Goebler’s beetle description and photo, a red book where he lives and what he eats

This is an insect that belongs to the detachment of the hard winged and the Zhukla family. The view is listed in the Red Book of Eurasia as an endangered view.

Where it lives

Goebler’s beetle dwells in the Altai mountains. This insect is found in Kazakhstan, namely in the east of the country in the Valley of Blackma, next to the city of UstKamenogorsk. On the territory of Eurasia, an insect was noticed in Zmeinogorsk. The beetle prefers mixed or smallleaved forests located in the valleys, thickets of various shrubs.

The view can survive only in areas where soil moisture is high, because the beetle can be found in the floodplains of the river.

How it looks

The length of the body of the beetle of Goebler is 40 mm. The head of a black insect with a blue tint, on the right and left are faceting eyes. Typically, the organs of vision are convex, the faces are flat and small. The head of this species is evaporated, that is, the jaws of the insect “look” forward and are clearly visible from above.  The plane of the forehead is horizontal. The head of the beetle does not get involved in the aperture. The auspect is usually greenish, its width is 2 times the length, usually on this part of the body there are spots of blue or black. Odlalli is painted in dark bronze or dark green, they are quite wide. Oblyls of the insect convex, longterm grooves can be seen on them, at the bottom of these formations there are points. There are bristling pores in the grooves themselves. The frontline beetles are edged.

Sexual dysphorism of this species is expressed in size: females are always larger and waistier than males. Also, at male individuals, the front paws are expanded and have a fluff from below.


Goebler’s beetle has many enemies. At almost all stages of development of these insects affects the fungus. In the Imago, the beetles parasitize nematodes and flies-tachins and ticks. Goebler’s beetles are eaten by many birds and reptiles, ants and spiders.

What eats

These insects are polyfams. Mudders feed on both rainworms and multitanks with crustaceans. Snails, worms are also included in the diet.


Goebler’s gods lead a night lifestyle. The beetle is more active in May and July. These insects live as part of a small group, they almost never pass huge distances.

Interesting Facts

  1. This species was first described by Fisher a Russian natural scientist in 1817. The scientist met the beetle near the city of Zmeinogorsk. The scientific name species of natural science gave in honor f.BUT. von Goebler his colleague.
  2. The front legs of the beetle Goebler are an organ that cleans the antennae.
  3. Goebler’s beetles only 1 generation per year.
  4. These insects have protective glands located in the anus.
  5. Goebler’s antennae is about half or a quarter of the length of the body.
  6. The lower lip of Goebler’s beetle has 3 artillery pickers.
  7. On the wings of the insect there is a cell of an oblong shape located between the radial and medial barrel. Wings are characterized by a caradow type of housing.
  8. Goebler’s ovice form cylindrical. They have a thin chorion that is painted white.
  9. The pupa of the beetle is usually stored in the “cradle”, which is made of the soil.
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