Golden Australia Acacia Photo and Description of the Plant

Acacia is a quite ordinary tree, often used in the landscaping of Russian cities. However, she has many species, one of which is called gold or densely concrete. He is not in the wild in Eurasia. Golden acacia grows only in a few sections of the planet.

Description of the species

Golden acacia is a tree that in an adult state can grow up to 12 meters in height. Unlike acacia familiar to us, its branches hang down, remotely reminding the weeping willow. The bark of the tree is distinguished by variations of color: it can be both dark brown and gray.

One of the interesting features of thickflowered acacia is the absence of leaves in the usual sense. Instead, there are phyllodies here these are expanding cuttings that have the same functions as a regular sheet. With the help of phyllody, photosynthesis and plant power occurs.

This tree blooms in the spring, mainly in March and April. Yellow flowers collected in long brushes.

Range of growth

Golden acacia is a rather rare plant. In the wild, it historically grew up only in Australia, namely in its southern part, the new South Wales and Victoria.

Around the middle of the 19th century, people learned to use this type of acacia to obtain various beneficial substances from it. Realizing that the tree can be used in various fields of activity, it began to be actively cultivated. As a result of this, artificially diluted thickflowered acacia is found on almost the entire northern hemisphere of the Earth.

The use of gold acacia

Golden acacia is actively used by people. Dunnits are obtained from its bark, and flowers are used in the manufacture of various perfumes. Young shoots of wood perfectly complement livestock food, saturating it with vitamins. The ancient peoples of Australia made boomerangs from denseflowered acacia acacia. Wood is often used to prevent soil erosion. Thick root system and its properties stop cracking, as well as depletion of a fertile layer.

This tree is so associated with the Australian continent that it became its unspoken emblem. Later the emblem was approved, and now it is official. On September 1 of each year in Australia, a national day of acacia is celebrated.

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