Golden Volodushka therapeutic properties of grass and contraindications, photos and description, application

Golden Volodushka is a common perennial plant. She belongs to the “umbrella” family. Volodushka is valued for the content of unique trace elements that have a beneficial effect on human health. The plant has healing properties.


The healing properties of the Volodushki golden have been known since ancient times. It grows near forests, on the rocky slopes of the mountains on alpine lawns. Volodushka grows in the following regions:

  • Siberia;
  • Altai;
  • Ural;
  • Europe;
  • Africa and North America;
  • The entire aboveground part of the Volodushka has the healing properties. Therefore, the upper part is cut off so as not to damage the root system. Grass collection is carried out in the initial stage of flowering.

    For therapeutic purposes, an umbrella inflorescence is usually used. You can cut the upper part of the plant during the collection (the length should be 20-35 cm). It is desirable to neatly put flowers in the basket so as not to break them and not to smell.

    The grass is dried on a pallet or on a straightened paper sheet. After completely drying the colors (to the state of fragility), they fit into paper bags or cardboard boxes.


    In a height perennial plant Volodushka, golden can reach 50-120 centimeters. The stem of the Volodushki is smooth and is slightly branched at the top. He is single and empty inside. Sheets are flat plates that have a different shape, and are located close to the base of the stem.

    In the inflorescence, yellow flowers are collected, which have peduncles gathering in umbrellas. The whisk is a small cup in which there are 5 petals.

    Flowering begins in July. It occurs until September. By this time, the seeds ripen. There are more than two hundred species in the kind of Volodushki.

    The use of three types are used as drugs: a multicore, golden and Chinese Volodushka.

    Healing properties

    The Volodushka plant has a sufficient number of healing trace elements that contribute to assistance in restoring health. The following substances are in it:

  • Vitamin C. It positively affects the immune system, promotes tissue restoration and accelerates wound healing.
  • Saponins. Contribute to a decrease in cholesterol, a positive effect on digestion, strengthening immunity, preventing the development of cancer processes.
  • Flavonoids. Restore the digestive function and contribute to the development of enzymes.
  • Phytosterins. Rejuvenate the skin.
  • Alkaloids. Produce anesthetic effect, stimulate the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Volodushka has a pharmacological character: antipyretic, choleretic, antiinflammatory, antiseptic, wound healing, tonic.

    The Volodushka is a golden effect on the human body:

  • improves metabolic processes and helps to strengthen the immune system;
  • strengthens blood vessels and restores the work of the gallbladder and liver.
  • Contraindications

    Like all therapeutic herbs and drugs Volodushka also have some contraindications. You need to pay special attention to this. It is not recommended to use grass for treatment:

    1. Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is possible to occur allergic reactions or adverse effects on the digestive system of the child.
    2. People who have gastritis and excess acidity or peptic ulcer. An exacerbation may occur.
    3. In the case of individual intolerance. The composition of the grass contains a sufficient amount of allergenic elements.


    Healers have used golden Volodushka from some ailments for many decades:

  • With diseases such as hepatitis and cholecystitis, to reduce high temperature (stem, flowers).
  • Wound healing and strengthening the vascular system, also as a laxative and choleretic agent (inflorescences, roots and leaves).
  • Folk recipes

    1. From fresh grass, golden Volodushki, squeeze the juice, and connect it with vodka (one to one proportion). Take half an hour before eating, during the day three times, with inflammatory processes in the liver and biliary tract for 21-30 days.
    2. Tea from dried grass helps from dizziness, weakness, with colds, inflammatory processes, with varicose veins, with insomnia. Pour a tablespoon of grass with a glass of boiling water and insist for 3-4 hours. It is recommended to drink it with honey before eating.
    3. Grind 20 grams of dried grass (or 50 grams of fresh) and pour them with 500 grams of alcohol (vodka). Leave to infuse for two weeks in a dark place. For three weeks (21 days) before eating, drink 20 drops of tincture. It is used for gallbladder disease.
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