GOOD TO TOMPLACE photo and description of how it looks and where it swims

Dentor ordinary (lat. Diplodus puntazzo) is a fish that belongs to the genus of Sargi, the family of the sparrows and the detachment of perchlike. This marine inhabitant was described by Johann Valbaum a German zoologist and naturalist. This happened in 1792.

Fish is a rare appearance, listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

Where it lives

Zubarik lives at a depth of 6 to 10 m. Fish prefers to stay sandy or sharp rocks. Zubarik a flock of sea inhabitant. The species inhabit the Adriatic and Black Sea, found in the Mediterranean basin. In Eurasia, Zubarika is caught in the Krasnodar Territory, in Ukraine near Sudak, Cape Fiolent and near Sevastopol.

What eats

GOBRARICE EURSED EVERY OUT OF EARTS, Mollusks and shrimp, as well as plankton. With the help of incisors stained in brown, the fish bites algae, and uses small chewing teeth for crushing the shells of representatives of crustaceans. Young individuals prefer bentos organisms and larvae of other fish species.


The length of the body of the fish varies from 20 to 60 cm. Most often, you can find 30-centimeter reservations. Fish weighs about 500 g, the weight of the largest registered individual is 1700 g.

The body of the denture has a rounded shape, it seems to be flattened. The belly of the fish is flat, the tail is located low. The foundations of the chest fins are close. The head is quite large, the mouth is on the contrary. The upper lip protrudes forward. The denture is pointed. The jaws are protruding forward. On each 8 long teeth that are tilted forward, on the sides of 15 small and slightly pointed. The fish holds the mouth open all the time and shows the teeth.

The body of the denture is gray, the scales cast it silver. There are several black stripes on the sides. The spinning fin of the fish is long, has 11 prickly and about 14 soft rays. The tail is bifurcated. The anal fin is half the length of the spinal. Breast fins have 5 soft rays.


Zubariki form quite large flocks before spawning. The propagation period starts in August-September. At this time, fish are especially aggressive. Each individual has men’s and female germ cells, but only one type matures. Hermaphroditism was not recorded. The sea inhabitant grows quickly: almost immediately after birth, the weight of the individual is 40-90 g, at the end of the second year this figure is 250-300 g. At the age of eight, Zubarik weighs about 1 kg. The average life expectancy is 10 years.


The sea dentist chooses a “house” based on the presence of marine currents. It is difficult to meet fish under ordinary conditions, because it is careful and quickly floats away if it smells something wrong. The tooth is moved along the broken, showing its silver sides on the bends.

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