Grabovik mushroom photo and description where it grows

The name of the grabovik comes from the Grab tree, as this mushroom grows more often near it. The mushroom has other names, such as gray or visas subsalesman, Obabok gray. Due to a strong resemblance to the sub-storage, mushroom pickers often confuse him with him. Grabovik belongs to the genus Obabok, a family.

Description of the appearance

The young mushroom has a hemispherical hat, and closer to maturity, it changes to the pillowshaped shape. The surface of a young hat is matte and dry, but after the rain it becomes brilliant, watery, so, unlike a bribe, the quality of the hat suffers. In old mushrooms, the skin is crushed and already from under the hat you can see its pulp.

Than older, the mushroom, that is his pulp. In a young mushroom, she is ball and white. With a cut, the mushroom has a pink-violet color, then it darkens. The color of the hat changes from the condition of the soil. It can be either olive-brown in color or gray-brown. Taste and aroma are very pleasant in the mushroom.

The diameter of the hat varies from 7 to 14 cm. On the leg there is a transition of color from grayish to drill. It has the shape of a cylinder that turns into a thickening at the roots. Legs diameter 4 cm, and height from 5 to 13.


If the rakes are on the way, then the grabs grow nearby, but these trees belong to the genus of the birch, so the gray printer can be found near the birch, as well as poplar and hazel.

The grabovik is growing in the northern part of Eurasia and Asia, also in the Caucasus. The opening of the fee for the grabovik begins in June, and ends in October.

Similar mushrooms

The mushroom of the grabovik belongs to the list of edible ones, in taste parameters it is very reminiscent. But due to not dense pulp, the mushroom cannot be stored for a long time and quickly disappears.
Many mushrooms cannot be consumed, since worms are often erected very often, so you should always carefully select and leave only healthy.

Grabovik is fried, boiled, dried, pickled. They also use recipes for a boot. Grabovik has similarity with edible and inedible mushrooms.

As described above, the grabovik looks like a booter. The color of the hat depends on age. The younger mushroom is white. In adult mushrooms gray with brown spots. These mushrooms, just like the grabs, begin to grow actively from the beginning of summer and ends in the middle of autumn. Supplosions dry, fried, boil, extinguish, pickle, and even make a seasoning in the form of powder.

The bile mushroom is also a double of a grabovik, but it belongs to the category of toxic. His taste is bitter, so it is forbidden to use food. If you try to get bitterness, then it will only intensify. Such mushrooms grow among coniferous vegetation and on sandy soils. You can meet them from midsummer to October. The hat is slightly swollen, convex. Diameter 10 cm. Has brown or brown color. When cutting, the mushroom pulp acquires a pink color. It is no smell, tasted-mute. The leg of the gall fungus reaches up to 7 cm, having a mesh surface. This differs from the grabovik.

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