Grasshopper views with photos, names and description | Different types of grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are insects that inhabit all the continents of the planet, except Antarctica. They live everywhere: in the mountains, on plains, in forests, fields, cities and summer cottages. Perhaps there is no such person who has not seen a single grasshopper. Meanwhile, these insects are divided into 6,800 species, some of which are very different. Consider the most common and unusual.

What grasshoppers are?

Igagid devil

Perhaps the most unusual grasshopper has the name “Iglistry Devil”. Its feature is sharp spikes that cover almost the entire surface of the body. These are protective devices. Thanks to them, the grasshopper is successfully defended not only from other insects, but even from birds.


Steppe drawing

Another representative of the “nonstandard” grasshoppers “taps”. This is an exceptionally predatory insect. His diet is small insects, snails and even small lizards.

Green grasshopper

And this species is one of the simplest and most common. He knows how to publish traditional chatting and feeds on mixed food. When there is a suitable prey nearby, a grasshopper is a predator. But if there is no one to catch and eat, it successfully eats plant foods: leaves, grass, kidneys and shrubs, various cereals, etc.D.

Green grasshoppers jump perfectly and move a short distance. Flight is possible only after the “starting” push with its hind legs.


This type refers to insect pests, as it is able to destroy plants specially planted by man. Another difference between Mormon is the size. Its length can reach 8 centimeters. Lives in North America, for the most part on pastures, where the plant mass actively eats. This grasshopper often makes prolonged nomads, overcoming a distance of up to two kilometers per day. However, he does not know how to fly.


Grasshoppers can not only be green. This is clearly demonstrated by the grasshopper Amblicorif. Representatives of this species can be dark brown, pink and even orange! There is also a traditional green color. Interestingly, the color of a particular grasshopper is determined without any pattern. This is not affected by either the habitat or the color of the parents. At the same time, dark brown and orange color are very rare.

Pavlovy grasshopper

This blacksmith received this name because of the wings pattern. In the raised state, they really remotely resemble the tail of the peacock. Bright color and unusual decor on the wings, the grasshopper uses as a psychological weapon. If there is a danger nearby, the wings rise vertically, imitating the large size of the insect and huge “eyes”.

Sharoheaded grasshopper

This name received this type for a spherical head shape. In fact, this species includes several varieties of grasshoppers, for example, a steppe thick. It has a black-bronze color and low distribution. In our country, the steppe fat man lives in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, Chechnya, North Ossetia. Listed in the Red Book.

Grassers Zaprochilinae

Representatives of this mysterious look are not very similar to grasshoppers. Rather, these are some butterflies with long hind legs. In fact, they quite know how to jump, but are very different from the rest of the grasshoppers with nutrition. All representatives of Zaprochilinae feed on the pollen of plants, which further adds external resemblance to butterflies. These grasshoppers live in Australia, spending almost all their lives on flowers.

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