Grisley Bear photo, description where it lives and what it eats

Contrary to common opinion, Grisli is not an independent look. Most scientists converge to the fact that this is a subspecies of a simple brown bear. However, many legends and speculations are associated with it, which are rooted in the deep past.

Who is a grizzly bear?

The word “grizzly” of this bear began to be called not by chance. Such “name” was given to him by immigrants who first saw the animal in wild forests. The color of the classic grizzly is not much different from the Russian brown bear, but from afar it looks gray. “Grisli” and means “gray”.

Currently, bears Grisli live in Canada, Alaska and the USA. Moreover, the main part falls on Alaska. By the way, the name “Grisli” is extremely controversial. So much so that some teachings do not recognize him and prefer to call all the bears suitable for the parameters “North American brown bear”.

Outwardly, Grisli are very similar to Russian brown bears. It is a large animal whose weight can reach 450 kilograms. The wool is thick brownish-brown. Grisli is very strong. With a paw, he can break the boost bones, as well as effectively catch up with it and climb trees.

Grisli on the hunt

Life Life Grisli Bear

Grisli lives in dense forests, but gravitates to the shores of lakes and rivers. This happens because a considerable share of his diet is a fish. Gryzli excellent fishing. He successfully catches fish in running water, and sometimes manages to grab it when the fish jumps out of the water. Bears living in the coastal areas prefer salmon fish.

Grisli with fish

Not wherever Grisli lives, there is a reservoir. There are also purely forest bears of this species. In this case, plant fruits, honey, various rhizomes, green mass of some plant species become food. Also, grizzly and carrion do not disdain.

In the animal, hearing and scent are very strongly developed. Therefore, the bear can detect prey from a distance of several kilometers.

Grisli Great runner. Pursuing someone, he can accelerate to a speed of 60 km/h, which leaves no chance for most applicants to eat.

There is an opinion that Grisli is an extremely terrible bear who, without hesitation, kills a person who is meeting. In fact, in this regard, it is also not much different from the classic Siberian bear. Yes, an attack on a person is possible, but not necessarily. Grisli does not eat people and does not attack the first. There are not many cases when the bear’s aggression to people could not explain. As a rule, only wounded gries, or those to whom a person has already caused a serious inconvenience attack. A huge many other living creatures on the planet from mammals to insects behave in the same way.

The battle of the bears Grisli

Grisli and man

The relationship of the grizzly and man wary, and on both sides. People try not to meet with a bear, and he prefers not to show up to the eyes. But, as in Eurasia, there are circumstances that make Grisli come to people. First of all, this is a lack of feed in natural habitats. In search of food, Grisli visited farm plantations and to tourist sites, go into settlements.

Such visits, as a rule, do not end in anything good. The bear is a wild animal and you need to handle it carefully. There are cases of attacks on tourists who first actively fed Bear, and then disturbed during meals.

Another thing is small cubs. Knowing a person born in captivity and from birth, they are well tamed. Grisli bear cubs are smart, well trained and can even stand up for their mistress man.

Grisley Documentary

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