Grozdovik of a simple red book description and photo

The bunny is simple is a longterm small fern, which rarely reaches a height of 15 centimeters, which is why it is also called a ferry. The main distribution is observed in Eurasia, but it can also germinate in:

  • Northern Europe;
  • North America;
  • Central Europe.
  • However, a permanent location of this type of fern has.


    Ecology features include specific habitats, namely:

  • wet sandy coastal shafts;
  • old dunes of some lakes;
  • lowgrass lawns;
  • Silent slopes running along the riverbeds.
  • In the vast majority of cases, it is formed in small groups, which include individuals of various sizes. The number of plants in one group can vary from 5 to 15 pieces.

    The bunny simple disappears very quickly, which such factors influence:

  • development of habitats;
  • agricultural activity;
  • trampling due to excessive grazing;
  • arranging a large number of beaches;
  • The need for mycorrhise is the process of the mild mycelium association with the dried roots of this plant;
  • reproduction only with a dispute.
  • In addition, the fact that such a type of fern is extremely difficult to cultivate also affects the decrease in numbers. It is difficult to grow in culture, since it is a capricious plant requiring constant supervision.

    Brief characteristics

    The bunny is simple this is a small fern that does not grow above the usual ballpoint pen. Such herbaceous plants have short, but juicy rhizomes and specific leaves that grow extremely slowly.

    With a thorough consideration of the rhizome, leaf scars are found their formation is determined by the fact that the leaf grows only once a year. This means that by the number of such scars, the age of fern is determined.

    A fairly large period of time passes before the appearance of a new sheet, in particular 3-4 years. It is this feature that distinguishes a similar plant from others from the family of fern. Like other representatives of the formidable man, does not form flowers.

    Grozdovik of a simple red book description and photo

    A person practically does not use such a type of fern. However, in some countries, such a plant is used as a sedative, which facilitates the condition of the wound for the bites of toxic insects.

    Grozdovik of a simple red book description and photo
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