Halfhaired Asian Red Book, description and photo

Asian halfwire is a perennial spore coastal plant that lives in freshwater conditions. Its appearance can be described as follows:

  • a twoblade or threelobed stalk of a tuber shape, which is completely immersed in the soil;
  • The stem surround a large number of awl, but direct or slightly rejected leaves, which are characterized by clarification to the base. Often their length varies from 10 to 40 centimeters. They have no mouth, and they themselves die for the winter;
  • the roots are numerous, but undesirable;
  • Sporangia is formed at the base of the leaves in specially designed sporangic fossa. The presence of macrosporals with acute spikes (localized in the sinuses of external leaves) and smooth microsporangia is noted (formed in leaves that are deeper than surface);
  • The central part of the beams includes sterile leaves.
  • Spores are observed from August to September.

    Place of existence

    Asian halfwire in nature is quite rare, in particular:

  • Sakhalin Island, namely in its southern and northeastern region;
  • Islands Iturup and Paramushir;
  • Primorsky Krai;
  • Kamchatka;
  • Japan and China.
  • The best place for living and reproduction is considered sufficiently heated, hut and sand-white shallow water of lakes with fresh water.

    Factors affecting the reduction of numbers are:

  • water pollution;
  • Limited ecological amplitude.
  • Found at a depth of not more than 35 centimeters. It is also worth noting that it can break away from the ground and swim in water. Such a plant is very demanding on the frequency of water bodies and transparency of water.

    The necessary security measures are the purification of water bodies in environmental areas, within which this type is found. In addition, control over the state of populations is extremely important, which is achieved by growing in a coldwater aquarium or a humid greenhouse with multiple lighting. Both individuals and rhizomes can be transplanted cultivation is possible by dividing it. In general, such a process is quite laborious and takes a large amount of time.

    In addition, it is extremely important for ecologists to develop additional measures regarding protection, especially in specially protected natural areas.

    Halfhaired Asian Red Book, description and photo
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