Halfwhite mushroom (yellow boat) photo and description of how to cook and where to look

Halfwhite mushroom has another name Yellow Borovik. He considers a close relative of white mushrooms who are famous for their taste. You can meet the yellow boat infrequently, and many do not even know about its existence. Mycologists have only recently attributed him to the new Hemilecinum family. It is an edible look.



The appearance of a semiwhite mushroom is represented by a large hat, the diameter of which can vary from 5 to 20 centimeters. In young semiwhite mushrooms, the shape of the hat is convex and covered with velvety skin. The color of the hat is beige with a red tint, can also be gray with a greenish tint.  The plates under the hat are free with a golden tint, which with the age of the mushroom become yellowish.


The leg that holds the hat has a height of up to 10 centimeters, and its diameter does not exceed 6 centimeters. The color of the base is yellow or dark-brown. The surface is slightly rough with thick fibers.

The pulp of this mushroom is a very dense pale yellow color that intensifies in the leg. A semiwhite mushroom is distinguished by its pleasant taste and a specific smell.

Where to looking for

A semiwhite mushroom or yellow boorus prefers to populate the area with a warm climate mainly in coniferous forests. In the south it is often found in beech-gran forests. Actively growing in lime soil. In May it begins to bear fruit and continues until the fall. The mushroom itself is considered rare, since fruiting does not always occur annually. A semiwhite flywheel can be seen in some parts of Europe, Carpathia and Polesie. On the territory of Eurasia is found in the center and south. Can also grow in the Kuban.

Useful properties and application

Halfwhite mushrooms are considered extremely useful since ancient times. They are saturated with various antioxidants that prevent the development of serious cancer and other diseases. Strongly affect the work of the entire immune system. They cope with viral diseases well. Quite frequent ingredient in folk medicine. Various broths and tinctures of semiwhite mushroom are used, which help to cope with nervous disorders and insomnia. Also, these miracle gribes activate the functioning of the brain and renew the body from old cells.

In addition to medicine, a semiwhir mushroom is endowed with excellent taste and is used in cooking. These mushrooms can be dried and frying, pickled and salted. Also, many cooks use it as an additive to sauces or separately as the main dish. Pickled semiwhite mushrooms are slightly different from white mushrooms. However, you should not collect semiwhite mushrooms that grow near roads and large settlements. Mushrooms are able to save dangerous toxins that are in the soil.

The difference from similar species

Many mushroom pickers confuse semiwhite mushrooms with their close relatives a white mushroom and a Borovik girlish.


Borovik girl

The difference lies in the specific smell of a semiwhite mushroom, which is given by carbolic acid, as well as a distinctive color of the pulp. You can also confuse with such a mushroom as a deepkept pain. It has an extremely bitter taste, and in appearance differs in the gray color of the hat and yellow pores.

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