Hallucinogenic mushrooms of Eurasia a list with photos and names | Where the consequences are growing

Hallucinogenic mushrooms received fame since the Vikings, which used them in order to approach the “divine” influence. Mushrooms were also used by shamans and priests. In the modern world, the use of hallucinogenic fungi is punishable by law and can lead to criminal liability. All mushroom pickers must familiarize themselves with a variety of these representatives in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from their influence and possible consequences. The effect of these mushrooms is due to a large content in their composition of psilocybin.

Psilocybe is semivanticious

The fly agaric is red

Anterome fly agaric

The flywoman is royal

The fly agaric is nobility

Paneoolus moth

Strafaria Govnyany (Kakashkina Lysina)

Paneoolus is bellshaped

Sennaya dungman

Sulfur head

Strofaria is blue-green

Psilocybe Montana

Psilocybe Cubensis

The fiber is acute

The myzena is clean

Davoznik Dyatlovy

Other hallucinogenic mushrooms

Gymnopil of Juno

The row is smelly

Dung Lysin

Psilocybe is blue

Paneoolus is blue

Straeparia is hemispherical

Psilocybe Czech


The use of mushrooms with a hallucinogenic effect provokes a syndrome similar to schizophrenia. The effect can occur literally after a couple of minutes, after their use. It consists in uncontrolled tremor, delusional states or causeless euphoria. Affects psilocybin on the state of vision, hearing and perception. Excessive use of psychedelic mushrooms leads to extremely dangerous consequences for the psyche and health. All mushroom pickers should be avoided and in no case do not use hallucinogenic mushrooms. Before going to the forest, it is worth studying a list of dangerous and toxic mushrooms to prevent unpleasant consequences.

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