Handright mammals Types of a bathing detachment a list with examples, photos and names

Mammals belonging to the steered ones are the only ones in nature adapted to flights. At the gunpowder, the skin fold, which is the wing, is extended along the entire body. On their chests, they have a bulge in the form of a keel, contributing to the movement of both wings.

Sharp are distributed almost throughout the globe, except tundra and Antarctica. The largest number lives in tropical areas. Breeds are divided into subdivisions of wings and real bats.

Mammals are small in size. The smallest weight has a butterfly mouse (2 g), and the largest-in a flying dog (1.5 kg).

Types of scolders

Sin of Megeli

Southern horseshoe

Small horseshoe

Big horseseers

East long wing


A tricolor nightlight

Firewoman Brandt

Longfingered nightlight

Amur nightlight

Iconnikov’s nightlight

Longtailed nightlight

The night spent water

A mustachioed nightlight

Pond night nighttime

Notterer’s nightlight

Steppe nightlife

Bechstein’s nightlight

Giant evening party

Small Evening

Rednight evening girl

Spotted ears

Brown Ushan

European broadly

Features of the gunpoint

Thin web wings of the steamed boomes are attached to the tops of the fingers of the front extremities, on the sides and to the tail. Babs clock with the first finger to the wood bark and other objects after the end of the flight. When it is cold, the screeching covers the body with wings and warm. The body has a flattened shape. It is covered with thick short hair. On the membranes of the wings rare hairs.

A characteristic feature of bats is the ability to take off from any point: from the ground, from the water surface, from trees. At the beginning of the flight, they jump up sharply.

Breeded are active at night. In bats, vision is not developed, but they have a wonderful hearing. And the wings have good vision, but their orientation in their sound is much worse. All kinds of fermented ones are capable of echolocation. They perfectly perceive ultrasonic signals.

On the front part there are small eyes, a mouth in the form of a gap, but quite wide. The ears are large, they have a goat. In the afternoon, during sleep, the goat blocks the passage in the ears, isolation of animals from surrounding sounds.

All representatives of the screeching detachment mainly eat insects that are caught during the flight. Live-over-boomed for about 16-20 years.


Holders play an important role in the food chains of numerous ecological systems. They eat harmful insects, regulating their numbers and saving trees. In tropical areas there are nectacle bats that pollinate plants. Powering the fruits of trees, the bats sow them with seeds of the vast territories of the Earth.

Cutting down of the forests of forests, the use of chemicals in the fight against insects, lead to the deaths. In some areas, people destroy the bats, eating them for food. Today is propaganda about the significance and protection.

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