Hanover Hound: characteristics of the dog breed, photo and character

Hanover Hound is one of the most ancient European hounds. Her ancestors are aboriginal dogs, which were used for hunting by Germanic tribes. The first mention of these animals dates back to the 5th century AD.

One of the key events in the formation of the breed was the invention of firearms. Since then, the main purpose of dogs has been the search for wounded game. At the same time, the breed acquired the official name the German hound.

Hanover Hound


  • Country of origin: Germany
  • The size: Average
  • Growth: 48–55 cm
  • The weight: 25–40 kg
  • Age: 10–15 years
  • FCI breed group: Hounds and related breeds

    Brief information

  • Hardy, courageous;
  • They have an excellent sense of smell;
  • Self-confident;
  • rare breed.


Conscious selection of these dogs began to be engaged only in the 19th century by hunters from the Kingdom of Hanover. So the breed was renamed the Hanoverian Hound. Interestingly, the first club of her fans was opened in the kingdom in 1894.

Hanover Hound, like all dogs of this breed group, is, on the one hand, a docile and quiet pet, and on the other hand, an energetic hunting assistant who is able to make decisions with lightning speed and act according to his own plan.

The key quality of the Hanoverian Hound is devotion to its owner. He is able to replace the whole world with a dog. Pets of this breed are very difficult to endure separation, so you should never leave a dog alone for a long time. Her character deteriorates, and she becomes unsociable and poorly managed.

Hanover Hound treats strangers with distrust but does not show aggression. If she realizes that a new acquaintance is a friend of her owner, be sure that the dog will gladly accept him.

Hanoverian hounds hunt, as a rule, in a pack. Therefore, they easily find a common language with relatives, especially if they live together. However, socialization is necessary, like all dogs. Carried out at an early age.

To other animals in the house, such as cats, the Hanoverian hound is often indifferent. If the neighbor turns out to be peaceful and friendly, most likely they will become friends.

With children, Hanover Hound are affectionate and gentle. The best friend for a dog of this breed can be a school-age child.


The short coat of the Hanover Hound does not require careful maintenance. It is enough to wipe the dog every week with a damp hand or a towel to get rid of the fallen hair. During the molting period, which occurs in autumn and spring, the procedure is carried out more often a couple of times a week.

Conditions of detention

First, the Hanover Hound is a hunter accustomed to a long exhausting run. In the conditions of the city, it is problematic to provide a dog with such a load. The owner must be ready to spend several hours daily in the fresh air in the park or in the forest with the dog. At the same time, it is also desirable to offer the pet various exercises, play sports with him or just run.

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