Harm of palm oil for the health of the human and the body of children

Many people know what products are harmful to their health, so they try not to use them. However, there are species that are not only harmful to the health of the body, but their production negatively affects the environment. Such a product is considered palm fruits oil.

Negative impact for the environment

Among the variety of species of palm trees there are trees in which red fruits are rich in oil. Of these, people receive palm oil, which is now used everywhere in the food and cosmetic industry, and also produced from it biofuel.

In order to get palm oil, hectares of tropical forests are cut down and burned. This type of palm trees grows only in tropical latitudes, and oil is produced in Malaysia and Indonesia. Forests with all kinds of wood are destroyed here, and whole palm plantations appear in their place. Thousands of Fauna species lived in the forests at one time, and not all of them managed to find a new house for themselves. For example, due to the destruction of tropical forests, the orangutans were on the verge of extinction.

In the forests of the tropics, part of the ecosystems are peat bogs that absorb water like a sponge and regulate the water balance of the territory, preventing floods. Palmos and destruction of forests reduces the area of ​​peat bogs. As a result of their drainage, fires often occur, since peat is quickly ignited.

Negative impact on human health

Despite the fact that the oil of palm fruits of plant origin, this does not mean at all that it is harmless, scientists have proved its harm. Every day we consume it with confectionery and semi-finished products, with sauces and melted cheese, with butter and margarine, sweets and chocolate, fast food, etc. Moreover, some manufacturers add it to baby food.

Harm of palm oil for the health of the human and the body of children

The composition of palm oil has saturated fats that improve the taste of the product and increase its storage period. As experts say, these fats are not suitable for the digestive system of people, since they are poorly dissolved in the body. This leads to such health problems:

  • lipid metabolism is violated;
  • vessels are clogged;
  • atherosclerotic processes are accelerated;
  • obesity occurs;
  • diabetes develops;
  • Alzheimer’s disease appears;
  • Oncological processes are launched.
  • In general, the body is aging faster if you often eat food with palm oil. In this regard, nutritionists, like other experts, recommend excluding absolutely all the products from their diet in which it contains. Do not save on food, because your health depends on it. By excluding Palm oil from nutrition, you have more chances to live a long and healthy life than people who use products with this vegetable fat.

    Harm of palm oil for the health of the human and the body of children
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