Hokkaido dog: characteristics, photo and character

Hokkaido dog – an ancient breed of dog from Japan. It has been leading its history since the 12th century. Its ancestors are dogs that moved with people from Honshu to Hokkaido at the dawn of the development of trade relations.

Hokkaido dog

Characteristics Hokkaido

  • Country of origin: Japan
  • The size Average
  • Growth: 46–56 cm
  • The weight: 20-30 kg
  • Age: 11–13 years
  • MKF breed group: Spitz and breed of primitive type

Brief information

  • Ideal for life outside the city;
  • Playful, energetic, and loyal to children;
  • Another breed name is Ainu or Seta.

Character Hokkaido

By the way, like most other Japanese dogs, the breed owes its name to its small homeland. In 1937, the animals were recognized as a natural monument, and at the same time, the breed received the official name “Hokkaido”. Before that, it was called Ainu-ken, which literally means “dog of the Ainu people” the indigenous population of the island of Hokkaido. Since ancient times, people have used these animals as guards and hunters.

Today Hokkaido is ready to serve the man with pride. They are smart, self-reliant, and independent. A dog of this breed will not only be a great companion for the family, but also a great helper in everyday life (in particular, in protecting the house). Hokkaido is loyal to its owner and doesn’t trust strangers too much. When an intruder appears, Hokkaido reacts immediately, but for no apparent reason, they will never attack first. They have a fairly calm temperament.

Despite innate intelligence, Hokkaido needs to be educated. It is believed that these dogs can have unexpected outbursts of anger, and it is necessary to eradicate them from childhood. Hokkaido cannot boast of lightness of temper, these pets have a complex character. Therefore, it is better to work with them together with a zoo psychologist or a cynologist.

Hokkaido easily finds a common language with other animals, although they are prone to dominance in relationships. However, sometimes cats and small rodents can still be perceived by them as an object of hunting.

Ainu children are treated warmly and with respect, but you should not leave the dog alone with a small child, especially if the pet is prone to aggression.

Interestingly, the Ainu is a very rare breed and is almost never found outside of Japan. Animals recognized as the property of the country are not so easy to take out of its borders.

Care Hokkaido

Hokkaido has a thick, coarse coat that needs to be brushed once or twice a week. Bathing animals infrequently, as necessary.

Particular attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the pet’s oral cavity. Puppies should be taught hygiene from an early age.

Conditions of detention

Hokkaido freedom-loving dogs. A representative of this breed will be an excellent watchman in a private house outside the city: thick wool allows you to spend a long time outside even in winter. In this case, the dog should not be on a leash or permanently live in a closed enclosure.

In the conditions of a city apartment, Hokkaido must be provided with personal space. The pet needs active walks lasting more than two hours.

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