Homelands of Eurasia statistics and solving the problem

Eurasia contains a large number of homeless animals. These are mainly dogs and cats. Their number increases thanks to two factors:

  • propagation of stray and wild animals;
  • Pets release to the street.

The increase in populations of homeless animals depends on the legislative regulation of animal protection, and on the actions of citizens of the country. Each person is able to help solve this problem by sheltering a homeless cat or dog. In this case, you need to show responsibility and carefully care for your animals throughout his life.

In truth, state programs to regulate the number of homeless animals do not bring tangible results. In recent years, the problem is only aggravated. Homeless dogs dominate the ecosystem of cities. They destroy homeless cats, attack moose and deer living in the city in the forest and foreststeppe zone. They also attack badgers, hares, protein, hedgehogs, small rodents, destroy bird nests, hunt the cubs of wild animals, repulsing them from parents. Homeless cats also hunt birds and rodents. In addition, both individuals and whole flocks of homeless animals threaten people, and at any moment they can attack any person.

Public opinion

For various hundreds of questions about the problem of protecting homeless animals in society, there are the following opinions:

  • cannot be killed by homeless animals;
  • It is necessary to create shelters for them;
  • You can feed them;
  • prohibit pets edition to the street;
  • carry out campaigning to help the fauna;
  • improve animal protection legislation;
  • take stringent measures of punishment for abuse of animals;
  • reduce the number of homeless individuals by sterilization.

Unfortunately, 2% of respondents said that the only method of limiting homeless animals – This is their extermination. Not all people have grown to the awareness of the value of all living things on earth, and still, like savages, feel superiority over the world of Flora and Fauna. While such people will live among us, we are unlikely to be 100% successfully solving any problems, including global.


To solve the problem of stray animals, you need to use the experience of other countries, performing the following actions:

  • registration of all homeless animals;
  • their chipping;
  • sterilization;
  • fines for the release or loss of animals;
  • prohibition of the sale of pets in pet stores and markets.

One of the effective ways is the capture of animals, after which they are treated, fed, bathed, injected injecting, looking for the owners and find them a new house.

Those individuals who attack people and show aggression are dangerous, threaten society and another fauna, so they are exterminated. Those animals to which volunteers can help have a chance to gain a new life and a permanent house. Thus, the most humane way to reduce the number of homeless animals – it is to turn them into pets, take care of them and make their life better.

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