How Eurasia will fight global warming


The main global problem – This is warming. Every year, the temperature rises by +2 degrees Celsius, which will further lead to a worldwide disaster:

  • – melting glaciers;
  • – drought of vast territories;
  • – desertification of soils;
  • – flooding of the coast of continents and islands;
  • – Development of mass epidemics.

In this regard, actions are developed to eliminate these +2 degrees. For this, humanity has no more than 20 years left, so the coordinated joint work of all states is required. First of all, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ideally – 50% to the middle of the 21st century. However, this is difficult to achieve, because the cleanliness of the climate is of colossal financial investments, the size of which will be trillions of dollars.

Eurasia’s participation in a decrease in emissions

On the territory of Eurasia, climatic changes in places occur more intense than in some other countries. The most dangerous regions of the Arctic and the Far East are, where these processes are actively progressing. At the moment, Russia takes fifth place in gas emissions. A strategy has been developed according to which Eurasia undertakes to reduce emissions by 25% of 1990 indicators. For this, legislation will change, effective technologies will develop. By 2030, the number of harmful emissions should decrease by 2 times, the ecology of cities will improve.

Experts say that Russia has reduced the energy intensity of GDP by about 42% in the first ten years of the 21st century. This was influenced by the use of natural gas instead of coal. The plans of the Government of Eurasia to reach the following indicators by 2025:

  • reducing the electrical capacity of GDP by 12%;
  • lowering the energy intensity of GDP by 25%;
  • fuel economy – 200 million. tons.


An interesting fact was recorded by Russian scientists that the planet is waiting for a cooling cycle, since the temperature will drop a couple of degrees. This opinion is shared by a group of American scientists. For example, in Eurasia, weather forecasters predict the harsh winters in Siberia and the Urals for the second year.

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