How the weather affects human health

Undoubtedly weather and climatic conditions affect all people, but that for some individuals there is simply a painful reaction of the body, for another-a specific feature. The approach of the weather change can foresee not only animals, but also people. In ancient times, our ancestors determined the change in the weather by the behavior of domestic and wild animals, as well as on their own feelings and wellbeing. Unfortunately, today we have practically lost this accuracy today, but still often the head can hurt, blood pressure rises or decrease, pain in the bruised parts of the body occurs. All this signals the change of weather.

Когда люди предчувствуют погодные изменения благодаря смене своего самочувствия, специалисты говорят о метеочувствительности. Regardless of forecasts of weather forecasters, such people can independently anticipate changes in the atmosphere that will soon occur.

How the weather affects human health

The effect of weather on the wellbeing of children

According to experts, young children react most acutely to the weather. If the child is capricious, sleeps poorly, refuses food and behaves uneasily, this does not mean at all that he is indulging. This is how its adaptation to the change of weather is manifested. The fact is that the central nervous system of babies is not yet able to adequately respond to atmospheric changes, so poor health is often manifested in children’s behavior. They themselves do not even realize why they behave like that, they cannot explain this to adults.

How the weather affects human health

The effect of weather on adult health

When people grow up, their body is better to adapt to various atmospheric phenomena over the years, although some of them still experience malaise while changing the weather regime. After 50 years, many chronic diseases are aggravated, and people again become weather dependent, difficult to endure sharp changes in nature.

The main symptoms of people’s weather sensitivity

  • sharp or aching prolonged headaches;
  • blood pressure surges;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • aches in the body and joints;
  • depression;
  • alarming state;
  • decrease in productivity and performance;
  • sleepy condition and lack of sleep;
  • Cardiac violation.
  • All these symptoms are caused by geophysical changes in the atmosphere of the planet, which peculiarly affect people. Some feel the deterioration of a state in front of a thunderstorm, rain or storm, others are bad when increasing the wind, and others, on the contrary, feel malaise with the onset of clear and quiet weather. Be that as it may, you need to listen to your body, alternate active activity work with rest, observe a healthy lifestyle, and then poor health will bother you as little as possible.

    How the weather affects human health
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