How trees purify the air | The principle of air purification

Trees are an integral part of nature and the main component of many ecosystems of the planet. Their main function is air purification. It is easy to verify this: go to the forest, and you will feel how much easier you breathe among the trees than on the streets of the city, in the desert or even in the steppe. The thing is that woody forests are the lungs of our planets.

The process of photosynthesis

Air purification occurs during the process of photosynthesis, which is carried out in the leaves of the trees. Under the influence of solar ultraviolet and heat, carbon dioxide, exhaled by people, into organic elements and oxygen, which then take part in the growth of various organs of plant. Just think, trees from one hectare of forest in 60 minutes absorb carbon dioxide produced by 200 people for the same period of time.

How trees purify the air | The principle of air purification

Cleaning air, trees remove sulfur and nitrogen dioxides, as well as carbon monoxides, dust microparticles and other elements. The process of absorption and processing of harmful substances occurs using stomators. These are small pores that play a crucial role in gas exchange and evaporation of water. Когда микропылинки попадают на поверхность листьев, поглощаются растениями, благодаря чему воздух становится чище. However, not all breeds filter the air well, riding it from dust. For example, ash, spruce and linden difficult to tolerate a contaminated environment. Maples, poplar and oaks on the contrary are more resistant to pollution of the atmosphere.

The effect of temperature on air purification

In summer, green spaces give a shadow and cool the air, so on a sultry day it is always nice to hide in the shade of trees. In addition, pleasant sensations arise due to the following processes:

  • evaporation of water occurring through the foliage;
  • Slow down wind speed;
  • additional humidification of air due to fallen leaves.
  • All this affects lowering the temperature in the shade of trees. Usually it is lower for a couple of degrees than on the sunny side at the same time. As for the quality of the air, the temperature regime affects the spread of pollution. Thus, the more trees, the cooler the atmosphere becomes, and the less harmful substances it evaporates and stands out into the air. Also, woody plants emit useful substances phytoncides capable of destroying harmful mushrooms and microbes.

    People make the wrong choice, destroying entire forests. Without trees on the planet, not only thousands of fauna species will die out, but also people themselves, because suffocating from dirty air, which will no longer clean. Therefore, we must protect nature, do not destroy the trees, but plant new ones in order to at least somehow reduce the damage inflicted by humanity by the environment.

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