Hubelaus Tsvetory Family Family of Plants characteristics, examples and representatives

The Hubelane family has about 3,500 species. They are easily recognized by the special structure of the corolla of flowers, which is represented by a long tube and twolip. These plants spread in the Mediterranean countries, as well as in Central and South America. There are only 800 species of these plants in the CIS. Life forms of lubricants are diverse: shrubs, herbs and halfbrushes. The most famous representatives of the Guboblane are mint, rosemary, thyme and lavender. In addition to them, there are a number of less known plants that have a rich chemical composition and are useful for humans.

Representatives of labocellous plants





















Tyme (thyme)




Characterization of the family of the labels

The largest number of plants of the Family of the Guboclane have the form of grass or semicup. In the tropics, the largest number of shrubs, in particular, drug rosemary, as well as a number of trees hiptis and levkoceprum.

Plants of the labels can be either perennial or annual. Their flowers have the appearance of the mouth with two lips, for which the family nicknamed “Gubobladenaya”. The flowers themselves can be single, in pairs or gather in inflorescences. Stamens 4, but it happens 2. The stem has four faces that can be rounded in some species. The leaves of the opposite location, do not have straps. The fruits are quite small. There are both dry and fractional. They have the appearance of a nut with several slices.

Emphas of glands, which contain essential oils, tannins, glycosides and alkaloids, are noteworthy. But there may also be weeds.

Medicinal clear plants

The advantages of medicinal plants are their small toxicity, since they affect the body complex and do not have strong side effects. Consider the main medicinal plants of the labocell family: ordinary oregano, creeping thyme, medicinal lemon balm.

Ordinary oregano is a perennial grassy plant, which is distinguished by a branched and creeping rhizome. The leaves of the plant are petiole and have an oblong-ovate shape. Flowers can be pink, purple and whitish color. The composition of ordinary oregano contains Timol and Carvacol, which are phenols. These substances are endowed with bactericidal properties. Water tincture of oregano has a calming effect on the nervous system and improves the secretion of digestion and intestinal motility.

Creeping thyme

This plant is a halfbrush, which is distinguished by a pleasant aroma. The stem is covered with a dark brown bark. EXTERAL AND EXPECTIONS. Supply leaves with a short box. Flowers are most often pink-purple and gather on the tops of branches. Another name of Timyan creeping Czech. It contains essential oils and phenols. They have a strong bactericidal effect. In addition, the Cetrect is used as a sedative and with colds.

Medicinal lemon balm

This is a perennial herbaceous plant, which is characterized by lemon aroma. Supply eggshaped leaves. Flowers can be both white and pink. The fetus consists of four nuts that are at the bottom of the cup. The flowering period lasts from June to September. The lemon balm contains a small toxic essential oil, which has a calming effect. Many compounds of this plant are good antispasmodics and strengthen the heart.

In addition to the above plants, the family of the labels includes peppermint, which has proven itself as raw materials for the preparation of various tinctures and waters. This is due to the presence of menthol in the composition of mint. It has a choleretic, antiwar and antispasmodic effect. Medicinal sage is used as a bactericidal drug.


Plants from the Hubelaus family are distinguished by their aromatic smell, which is due to the presence of essential oils in some parts of these plants. Due to their presence, labocial plants are often used as medicinal, aromatic and technical raw materials. Label plants are notable for the fact that they are widely used as decorative. Their bright and colorful inflorescences received separate fame in landscape design, since with their help unique garden compositions are created.

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