Hugenhund: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of origin: Norway
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    47–58 cm
  • The weight:
    18–23 kg
  • Age:
    10–13 years old
  • FCI breed group:
    Beagle dogs, bloodhounds and related breeds
  • Brief information

  • Cheerful character;
  • Very hardy;
  • Excellent working qualities.
  • Origin story

    In the 19th century, the Norwegian Hugen decided to create a breed that would be an excellent assistant for hunters and could show high results in the harsh northern climate. At the origins of the Hugenhund breed, which translates as “Hugen’s dog”, were both Holstein hounds brought from Germany, and several types of Scandinavian hounds. The resulting dogs embodied all the dreams of their creator. They were tireless hunters, calm, hardy, with an excellent sense of smell, and perfectly suited for living and hunting in the North. Representatives of the Hugenhund breed quickly became popular with Scandinavian hunters. The breed is recognized by the International Cynological Federation, the current standard was approved in 1999.


    Typical representatives of the breed are well-built, rectangular, medium-sized muscular dogs with dark eyes and a black nose. The standard describes the head of the breed: medium in size, moderately broad but not heavy, with a distinct stop. At the same time, when viewed from the side, the front of the muzzle should be rounded, not square. Hugenhunds should have a very dense, shiny coat of medium length, slightly rough to the touch. Red, yellowish red, black and tan, black and tan with white, and white with fawn or yellow markings are allowed as standard.

    Hugenhund: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


    The nature of these hounds is light, cheerful and cheerful. They are absolutely devoid of aggression, both towards people and relatives. However, Hugenhunds are very independent, they need a firm hand, and therefore training should be carried out from childhood, consistently and patiently. Otherwise, they will simply behave as they see fit.


    These dogs do not require any special care. The coat should be combed periodically with a stiff brush and, as necessary, treat the ears and claws.

    Conditions of detention

    These hounds, despite their good disposition and simple coat care, should not be considered as dogs suitable for keeping in a city apartment. Representatives of the breed need serious exercise and, most importantly, hunting. Do not torment them by living in cramped apartments. For urban life with a two-time walk, it is better to choose representatives of breeds that are more suitable for such conditions.


    Despite their popularity at home, Hugenhunds are almost never found outside of Scandinavia. So in order to buy a dog of this particular breed, you will have to go for a puppy, which, of course, will increase the cost of acquiring it. Prices for puppies may vary depending on the value of the blood and the hunting skills of the parents.

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