Human ecology hygiene, health and problems of human ecology in brief

Human ecology is a science that studies the relationship of people, society, an individual with nature. The following points are considered:

  • – the state of the human body;
  • – the influence of nature on the state and well-being of people;
  • – environmental management;
  • – improving the health of the population.
  • It should be noted that human ecology is a relatively young discipline. The first conferences and seminars in this area began to be held in the 1980s.

    Hygiene and human ecology

    One of the most important tasks that human ecology considers is the study of public health. Experts consider the dynamics of health, taking into account the place of residence of people, natural environmental conditions, economic situation.

    In different parts of the planet, special natural conditions are formed, a certain type of climate is formed with a specific temperature regime, humidity. Depending on nature, people living in this area have adapted to the environment. Migrating to another settlement even for a short period of time, changes occur in the human body, well-being changes, you have to get used to the new area. In addition, only certain climatic zones and natural conditions are suitable for some people.

    Human environment ecology

    Living in a certain territory, certain natural phenomena can affect the state of the body. Human ecology considers environmental factors that have a direct impact on the life of the population. People’s health depends on it.

    Within the framework of this discipline, regional and global problems affecting the population are considered. In the context of this problem, the way of life of city residents and the activities of rural residents are considered. A special place is occupied by the issue of improving the quality of human health.

    Problems of human ecology

    This discipline has a number of tasks:

    Human ecology hygiene, health and problems of human ecology in brief
  • – monitoring of ecology and way of life of people;
  • – creation of maps with medical indicators;
  • – analysis of the state of the environment;
  • – identification of areas with polluted ecology;
  • – determination of territories with favorable ecology.
  • At the present stage, human ecology is an important science. However, its achievements are not yet used so actively, but in the future this discipline will help improve the life and health of different people.

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