Human Medical Ecology Fundamentals and Methods of Medical Ecology

Medical ecology is a narrow special discipline that studies the impact of ecology on human health. The main task of this section of ecology is to establish the causes of diseases and eliminate them. Many people do not even suspect that they have chronic diseases due to a particular place of residence. Since people are in close relationship with nature, their health depends on the specific climate and terrain.


In humans, diseases occur for various reasons:

  • – genetic defects;
  • – change of the season;
  • – atmospheric phenomena;
  • – diet;
  • – environmental pollution.
  • The disease can occur at a time when the seasons change and the weather is unstable. Other reasons include malnutrition and bad habits. All this contributes to the development of ailments. At the time of use of drugs, changes in the body can also occur.

    The state of health may deteriorate sharply due to accidents at various enterprises. When released into the atmosphere, fumes and chemical emissions can cause asthma, poisoning, damage to the respiratory tract, increase or decrease in pressure.

    Chronic exposure

    Living in an unfavorable ecological environment, a person may develop pathologies and chronic diseases, which can most likely be inherited. If left untreated, the situation may worsen. It is possible to prevent illnesses if you exercise regularly, strengthen the immune system, temper yourself, lead an active and proper lifestyle.

    All people are prone to chronic diseases, but some manage to avoid it. To do this, you need to immediately treat the disease as soon as a person discovers it. However, many people are in no hurry to go to the hospital, and bring themselves to a dangerous state, which can lead to negative and serious consequences.

    Medical ecology is aimed at studying the development of diseases, conducting treatment methods, and developing effective methods for preventing diseases. This discipline is close to human ecology. They are studied simultaneously and allow to solve a lot of problems. In general, people’s health depends on the state of the environment, and on lifestyle, as well as on professional activities. Given the complex of these conditions, it is possible to successfully cope with many diseases of the population.

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