Human pollution of forests the problem, sources and consequences of forest pollution

Forest problems are among the most pressing on our planet. If the trees are destroyed, there will be no future for our land. Along with the problem of cutting down trees, there is another one forest pollution. The forest park zone of any city is perceived as a place to relax, and therefore traces of their stay regularly remain after people:

  • plastic cans;
  • plastic bags;
  • disposable tableware.
  • All this is found both individually and lies in whole heaps in the forest. A large number of natural objects withstand a significant anthropogenic load.

    Biological pollution of the forest contributes to the appearance of plants on their territory that prevent the development of other types of flora. A significant area is occupied by weeds and nettles, dope and thistles. This leads to changes in the composition of plants. In the forest, a large proportion is occupied by trees, a little less by shrubs. Herbaceous plants, as a rule, are not many in forests. If there are more and more weeds and grasses, then this is considered biological pollution of the forest.

    Atmospheric pollution of forests

    The air of the forest is polluted no less than the atmosphere of other natural areas. Energy and metallurgical enterprises emit various elements into the air that pollute the air:

  • sulfur dioxide;
  • phenols;
  • lead;
  • copper;
  • cobalt;
  • carbon;
  • hydrogen sulfide;
  • nitrogen dioxide.
  • Another problem of modern forests is acid rain. They also occur due to the activities of industrial enterprises. Falling down, these rains infect many types of flora.

    The atmosphere of the forest is polluted due to the impact of transport, both bulky and cars. To preserve the forest ecosystem, it is necessary to monitor the surrounding area. In a critical state, you can always submit information to the right authorities and oblige industrial enterprises to use treatment facilities.

    Other types of forest pollution

    The forest is exposed to many factors. Radioactive pollution is not the last place, especially if the forest is located nearby with enterprises working with radioactive elements.

    In order to preserve the forest, you need not only to refuse to cut down wood, but also to study the surrounding area. The danger is industrial enterprises that distinguish many negative substances. In general, forest pollution is considered a local problem, but the scale leads this problem to a global state.

    It’s time to think until it’s too late

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