Hygrofor’s person photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

Hygroforin Person (Lat. Hygrophorus Persooni) is a mushroom from the hygrophore family, the type of basiamicet. Stands out for its unusual coloring.

How it looks

The mushroom itself is littleknown, even among the representatives of its family. At the beginning of the ripening of its fruit of a brown or brown shade, and closer to complete growing up, it changes its color to gray-green.
The Hygrophore hat is not very large in size, on average it reaches 10 cm in diameter. At a young age has a conical shape with a dull bulge in the center. With growing up, the form remains the same, only the bulge changes, which becomes smaller and darker than everything else. The peel of the hat is covered with thick mucus, which is even with a sufficiently low humidity. The dispute layer has different lengths of the plate, some of which practically reach the legs, and some are located on the edge of the hat.

The plates have an arched shape, wide, thin, but in some places they can noticeably thicken. In adult specimens, the color of the plates is light brown, but has a green hue, in young-white.
The leg is quite high, although there are exceptions, its length reaches 12 cm, and the diameter to one and a half, after which it narrows to the base. It is covered with mucus and similar in terms of shade with a hat or slightly lighter. The top of the legs is thin, white and dry to the touch, but over time granularity appears, the color changes, which in most cases is indistinguishable from the rest of the mushroom.
In the context, the entire hygrofer is white, highlights a weak smell similar to fruits. The pulp is dense, does not emit juice, to the top can have a green tint. This mushroom has a sweet taste, which becomes especially noticeable when cooking.

Where it grows

The exact range in which the person lives is not established. It is rare, mainly near the mountains of the North Caucasus, in the Primorsky Territory, the Amur Region and in some parts of Europe. Grows in grab, broadleaved and beech forests, often enters into symbiosis with oak, but can coexist with other trees.
It brings fruits from August to November and grows in small groups, so that it becomes easier for mushroom pickers to collect several copies.

Edible or not

This mushroom can be eaten, although it does not stand out with nutrition. The taste is sweet, in some cases weak, because of which it can always be obtained without additional procedures. Hygrofer is indicated by an edible littlestudied mushroom of the fourth category.


Doubles officially do not exist, but all representatives of the hygrophore family are somehow similar to each other. But only a few types are considered the most similar:

Hygrofer Corkhonen

Hygrofer Corkhonen

This mushroom, unlike its brother, grows in spruce forests and has a striped hat on which there is practically no mucus. The color of the hat, which is closer to a gray or brown shade, can also be a noticeable difference than the Higeroforin.

Hygropher olive-white

Hygropher olive-white

The most common species of all hygrophores. Of the distinctive features, you can highlight the size, which is clearly smaller: the hat is no more than 6 cm in diameter. As objects for symbiosis, he mainly chooses coniferous rocks.

Hide hygrofer

Hide hygrofer

Rare, but similar appearance a hiding hygrofer, which stands out in its size against the background of the rest. It does not have competitors in length of the leg that reaches 15 cm, and also has a hat with a person in diameter and shape, but the color has a darker shade. Science is still not proven whether it is an edible mushroom or still it should not be eaten.

How to cook

The fruits of the hygrophore of the person begin to form from the end of summer to the end of autumn, which is why it is best to start their collection since the beginning of August. There are no harsh jumps and decline of the crop, so you can collect mushrooms throughout the season, without afraid to miss. They usually do not are in demand due to a specific color, which, in the case of many other species and families, indicates the damage of the fetus. Also, some individuals can resemble puzzles in their appearance, which means that it is impossible to collect these mushrooms without studying to avoid unpleasant consequences.
The mushroom itself is universal, thanks to which it can be prepared by any means, but the gourmets believe the best recipes:

  • Frying hygrophores. For preparation, you need to cut the onion with rings and fry in a pan until golden, and then put the mushroom chopped into the vessel. You need to fry products for 15-20 minutes, and at the end add a pinch of salt for taste. The juice obtained after frying is usually drained so that it does not create an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Mushrooms with rice. It is enough to take 400 g of mushrooms as ingredients, 150 g of boiled rice, onions 1-2 pcs., Carrots 1-2 pcs. and garlic 4 cloves. You can add spices to your taste.
    For cooking, you need to cut into strips carrots, onions and mushrooms into small pieces, then fry vegetables in oil and add mushrooms to them. Fry for 10 minutes, add garlic and spices, and then simmer over low heat for 5-7 minutes. Add rice at the end, mix and hold a couple more minutes.
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