Ibis birds with photos and names | Family of ibis birds

Ibis birds are very similar to storks in their structure and also have long thin legs. Their main difference is in the shape of the beak, which has an extension at the end. Thanks to this shape of the beak, the ibis were able to effectively hunt in shallow water and reed beds. In these thickets, they prefer to nest, providing their defenseless offspring with some protection from predators. The diet of ibis is made up of aquatic inhabitants and insects that are found in the coastal zone of reservoirs. Birds try to rarely leave the reed beds and behave very carefully.


common spoonbill

Black-necked ibis

bald ibis

red-legged ibis

black ibis

green ibis


As can be seen from the list presented, most ibis species are dark in color, although there are also quite variegated species. Ibis show special care for their offspring, which are born completely helpless. Both parents take part in the upbringing of the chicks, who try to teach the chicks how to survive on their own as soon as possible. The clutch usually contains no more than six eggs, of which not all hatch. This explains the slow growth of the ibis population in its natural habitat. In addition, some eggs are eaten by predators and snakes.

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